It’s no secret that people behind one of the oldest street art festivals, Nuart in Stavanger, always go for the artists with the freshest ideas and something to say. So, their newest project with the Bergen-based artist Nipper, is only a continuation of their worthy legacy to bring art out of museums, galleries and public institutions onto the city streets to become part of people’s everyday lives.

Mission Directives consist of small scale installations that promote the sharing economy and citizen-led communication in public space. Significantly different to the large scale murals they’ve been producing over the years, these small pieces question who has the power and authority to communicate messages and create meaning in shared spaces. Coming in three forms, the works can be a gift – an artwork for the finder to take with them, special order – a gift along with instructions to perform a specific artistic action in public space, or special invitation – a gift for the finder to take with them along with an invitation to make new #missiondirectives using the materials provided.

For this project, Nipper collaborated with Akay (SW), AFK (NO), Canemorto (IT), John XC (UK), Mania (NO), Maud (PT), NDA (US) and Teg (NO), producing 30 temporary artworks that include original drawings, paintings, stencils, collages and zines, encouraging others to engage with their urban environment in a creative and playful manner.