Victori + Mo gallery in New York is currently showing Chaos and Wild Again by local artist Brian Willmont. Along with working with him on a solo exhibition, the gallery also recently successfully introduced his work with a booth at the Volta Art Fair during Armory Week in New York.

The new work is based on combining the aspects of trompe l’oeil and airbrush in a unique style of graphic abstraction. This concept culminates with a wallpaper installation in which two canvas works are incorporated. The combination of the two styles is accomplished with stencils prepared using masking tape, which results in crisp definition of color and lines. The additional symbols such as roses and water droplets are then added to the mixture, forming a surreal, near ­hallucinatory vision. These sharp lines and almost realistic elements are juxtaposed against obvious airbrush lines that are further utilized to create sort of a floral pattern. The blend of different styles and the mimicry of canvases against wallpaper, symbolizes a hidden screen between the viewer and the image, as a poetic reference to life in the age of digital reality.