Less than one year after their debut show SWIM 1 (covered), curators Yarrow Slaps from San Francisco and Auguste Somers of Los Angeles opened the next edition of their successful group show on March 18th. Hawaii SWIM 5.0 will be staying on view at New Image Art until April 9th.

This showcase includes paintings, drawings and photos from a diverse lineup of 33 vibrant contemporary artists. From small works of savaged material to elaborate oil works, the show aims to show the wide range of interest of young contemporary creatives. Mostly relating to urban and beach/surf culture, some of the stand out pieces are surely the haunting quadriptich by Alex Gardner, unconventional portraits of Delfin Finley, Brett Amory’s waiting piece, the trippy imagery of Maria Joan Dixon, the dynamic sports-inspired cutouts of Nathan McKee, the colorful psychedelic abstractions of Jenny Sharaf, the neo-figurative work of Marc Etherington, among many others. The full list of participating artist includes Alfred Vidaurri, Marc Etherington, Gabriel Angemi, Alex Gardner, Christie Yuri Noh, Koshin Finley, Kime Buzzelli, Chad Hasegawa, Alex Jackson, Tirharqa Stone, Angela Dalinger, Gina M. Contreras, Maria Joan Dixon, Brandon Splane, Apexer, Erlin Geffrard, Spencer Keeton Cunningham, Shaun Ellison, Jenny Sharaf, Josh Terris, Yarrow Slaps, Nathan McKee, Delfin Finley, Ammon Rost, Jacob Messex, Anne J. Regan, Dustin Fosnot, Daniel Chen, Lucila Orengo, Sean Tully, Violet Overn, Luke Pelletier, and Glaboe.