After successfully painting what was billed as the world’s largest outdoor mural (covered) for last year’s NuArt Festival, French artists Ella & Pitr recently returned to Norway to create couple of new pieces in and around Stavanger.

This time, they painted another giant in the center of the city, taking a tumble in a dilapidated four-story building. The harsh weather conditions and rough setting didn’t stop these dedicated artists from creating another landmark mural in Norway’s oil capital and street art mecca. After this, they continued to nearby Sola beach to wheatpaste two German bunkers built during World War II. Using the recurring images of a heart and stone, the French duo created a relationship between these two reminders of the shameful pas,t which was beautifully captured by local photographer and ‘aurora chaser’ Brian Tallman. Finally, they also painted an indoor piece at the Vibemyr garage in Sandnes and even found the time to experiment with light painting in collaboration with friend and photographer Eirik Halvorsen.

Photo credit: Brian Tallman, Eirik Halvorsen & the artists.