Phlegm was recently invited to Norway by Urban Samtidskunst and Galleri Lauritzen to paint a large mural in the old industrial town of Moss. After being forced to take some time off due to neck problems, the Sheffield-based artist created a groundbreaking piece on many levels.

The mural was painted on this massive 25x35m wall of an old paper factory that was shut two years ago. The fact that this area having a rebirth with music events, club nights and interesting upcycling studios making new things out of unwanted materials, Phlegm was especially motivated to be  part of a this. Aside from the size of the wall, it was the division in separate sections that was a big challenge for the artist. He decided to paint this complex mural consisting of separate images or totems, making the massive wall readable like a comic. Each of them symbolize architectural elements seen at the premises, from factory chimneys to an huge leaking oil tank depicted through the robot with leaking heart. By incorporating his familiar characters and creatures into the given scenery, he created a whole new different perspective of the place.

Totems seems like a logical progression for an artist that began with drawing comics and is currently painting murals. The idea of creating complex compositions instead of just scaling up existing drawings is an exciting new chapter that he is ready to explore further. The fact that such a piece happened by chance, unplanned, makes this progression that much more exciting.

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