The Brazilian brothers Os Gemeos are currently in Europe, working on a couple of different projects. Their first stop was in Paris where they collaborated with a long time friend and fellow artist/photographer, JR (interviewed), creating an installation in the tunnels of the Palais de Tokyo.

During their stay at the French capital, the twins spent three days creating works for the ongoing Lasco Project curated by Hugo Vitrani. Similar to their NYC collaborations a few months ago (covered), once again they mixed JR’s photography -based pasteups with their signature yellow characters, producing a series of works referencing Paris in the Second World War. During the occupation, this particular location was used as storage for all the pianos stolen by the Nazis, so the artists reinterpreted the stories of those pianos and their owners. As descendants of war migrants themselves, this is not the first time for Otavio and Gustavo Pandolfo to speak of this subject and this part of their history. The pieces will stay permanently at the location, but due to safety reasons, they are not accessible to the public, so these images shared on their social medias are the only way to enjoy them.

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