Last month, Felipe Pantone visited Paris in order to create his contribution to the ongoing Lasco Project curated by Hugo Vitrani for Palais De Tokyo. Following the work from Stelios Faitakis, Olivier Kosta-Théfaine, Philippe Baudelocque, JR and Os Gemeos for the project, the prolific Argentinian-born artist and his team painted an impressive installation in the tunnel of the A86 Duplex, between Rueil-Malmaison in Vélizy, west of Paris.

The young artist, known for his graphic based work that plays with dimensions, illusion and use of digital imagery, painted walls, floors and ceiling of this monumental space, took the opportunity to create a true visual treat in the 4000 m2 space known as the “cathedral of concrete.” Usually restricted to the general public, the area was opened briefly on May 22nd, when art lovers got a chance to enjoy this exceptional installation that combines light and architecture along with digital-based visuals. After this project, Pantone is continuing his prep for his upcoming solo show with StolenSpace in London.

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