Australian director & editor Selina Miles and artist Guido van Helten recently revealed a 6-minute film about their journey to Akureyri in Iceland. Back in August of 2015, the two traveled to north coast of Iceland to produce this self initiated collaboration of documenting the process of painting a mural on a local ship.

The Canberra-born van Helten is a contemporary artist known for his massive scale, site-specific, portraiture murals. Part visual artist, part anthropologist, his subjects are water colored and sepia toned, imitating long forgotten photographs he discovers in the area he is visiting. Like with his other works, this piece was a result of the artist getting to know the place, the people, their lives, and then creating something they can identify with.

Battling harsh weather, the tides and a very limited time to work, van Helten was able to fulfill his long time dream to paint on a ship with this unique project. With this short film, Selina Miles captured Guido’s work process, but also provided insight into the unique personality of one of Australia’s most prolific artists. Although she  has a special skill in the documentation of street art and graffiti, she also makes music videos and works within the commercial field through agencies in New York and London.

Photo credits: @selinamiles and @guidovanhelten.