Athens’ Dio Horia gallery recently hosted Taylor McKimens in their one month long residency program where he created a whole new series of paintings that are currently on view. Swapping Paint continues his recent Stoic Youth show (covered), which also explored his take on Hellenistic art. Utilizing the figurative part of his imagery as a repeating theme, the NY-based artist focused instead on the background, colorways, patterns, and the surrounding abstract elements. Combining old and the new in technique, medium, and style, the work on display break the boundaries of collage, painting and drawing. Wanting authentic pieces that relate with the place they were created in, McKimens included different things that inspired him around Athens and Mykonos. This can be seen from the Myconian palette of simple reds, blues and aquas, to folk art sidewalk patterns to discarded freddo cappuccino cups or butterfly wings used as collage paper. The show opened on 8th of July and will stay on view until 25th of July.

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