Italian artist and activist Blu visited Slovenia last month in order to support the efforts of the local Rog Factory (Tovarna Rog) squat in their fight against the municipality of Ljubljana. During his stay, the street artist painted a strong piece depicting a gun created out of different tools, instruments and equipment used by the squatters, symbolizing their strength in their fight against the capital.

This old bicycle factory has been abandoned since the downfall of Yugoslavia until 2006. For the last decade, it served as a base for different non-profit activities (solidarity actions, safe spaces for refugee self-organization), as well as hosting art & craft studios, used as an indoor skate park, circus practice ground, social center, gym, etc. Due to its central location, the municipality of Ljubljana is now trying to gentrify the area along with the rest of the downtown area. According to their plan, parts of the complex would be demolished and turner into profitable purpose facilities and institutionalized art spaces. These efforts culminated on the 6th of June at 03:15 in the morning, when a security company hired by the municipality stormed into the Rog with a bulldozer in order to ‘secure’ the space and to turn it into a construction site. The squat community managed to defend the place, the same way they defended it from neo-nazi attackers only a few days later.

After these events, the Blu showed his support by painting an effective mural that symblozes the strength of these individuals. By using ropes to hang on the facade of the large building, he created a large pink/red gun formed from such weapons as skateboards, tools, instruments, pens, brushes, bicycle tiers, etc.

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