Moving a lot around Europe lately, Rustam Qbic recently visited the Italian city of Ravenna where he painted his contribution to the Subsidenze Street Art Festival. Working three long days in the warm Italian sun, the Kazan artist quickly finished this new piece titled Immigration.

Measuring 15m x 5m, this wall is a nice example of the symbolic surrealistic images that Qbic has been painting around the globe. Matching his color palette with the tones of the surrounding buildings, this dreamy mural beautifully blends with its surrounding. Depicting a flock of blindfolded birds travelling through a warm, orange sky, he was able to achieve a nice depth effect by painting outlines and details on the characters in front and leaving only the silhouettes in the background. Navigated by a hooded character that is guided by the unknown image, the birds and their passenger represent all the people that are leaving their homes in hope for better life and brighter future.

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