With only few days left in the Swiss Alps, the participating artists in the first edition of Vision Art Festival are slowly rounding up their pieces. Scattered all over the towns of Crans and Montana, but also around the ski slopes above it, we bring you an exclusive view at the most recently finished and close-to-finished works.

Art duo 2atlas quickly finished their tribute to the homeland of The Red Cross on a hut placed on some 2,000m above sea level. Using only black, white, red and gold, they painted an effective work that nicely contrasts its idyllic surrounding. Russian artist Rustam Qbic also wrapped up his work created on three sections of a wall placed at 2,500m. Using the architecture to complete the piece, he painted a surrealist image that stands out from other works at the festival. Rodrigo Branco recently finished his large portrait piece in the town of Montana. Painted in the same style of his canvas works, this colorful piece is inspired by his vision of the world as a young kid with serious sight problems. Greg Mike also finished up his longest work to date, packed with colorful cartoon like imagery, stretching some 40m, while Aaron “Woes” Martin wrapped up his stack of Pandas in Crans, and continued leaving his mark by painting smaller pieces in the mountains.

Photo credit: @arrestedmotion_sal.