With only one day left for artists to finish their works for this year’s Nuart Festival, a lot murals and smaller pieces are getting completed as we’re writing this. Here’s another quick overview of what’s been happening on the streets of Stavanger in the last two days since our last update.

German artist Evol created a series of stenciled buildings on electricity boxes (seen above) around the very center of the town. American-Spanish Axel Void wrapped up his large mural painted on a local kindergarten and is currently working on an accompanying video for it. Belgian Jaune placed lots of small garbage men around the city, getting involved in some bizarre activities. Portuguese Add Fuel is making massive progress with his large outdoor piece, while Hama Woods and Robert Montgomery finished their murals and public interventions. Being invited to his first street art festival, Jeff Gillette also decided to put several of his Minksy stencils around too. Tomorrow, the 10th of September, is the official opening of the Nuart exhibition that will be held at Tou Scene, and from Sunday the 11th, all the new murals will be included in Nuart Festival Street Art Tours.

Photo credits: Sasha Bogojev, Runa Andersen, Henrik Haven and Brian Tallman.
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