Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo is currently showing their second exhibition with Chris Berens. Three years since his debut with the gallery (covered) that was captured in the Chris Berens – Master of his Magical Universe documentary, the Dutch artist has created Moonrise, whole new body of work.

Once again rendering the residents of his artistic world, both human and animals, the paintings are inspired by real people, fairy tales and fantasy. 15 new works on view are smaller scale pieces in same format, ranging from 23×26 cm to 50×56 cm and quite compact in their composition. Unique in their technique and hazy aesthetics, the works include recurring creations placed inside dimmed, dreamy atmospheres. With working title of the show being Glow in the Dark, most of the work include glowing elements juxtaposing against the dark background – from Aurora Borealis (Northern Lights) cutting up a night sky, to snowflakes, paper lanterns and deep ocean fishes floating around thin air. The show opened on October 14th and is on view until the end of the week, November 5th at the gallery’s Ginza location.

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