Finally getting to paint in the US for the very first time, Lonac recently finished his largest mural to date. His newest piece I lost my shoe when I saw you is now adorning a four story building in centerl West Palm Beach as the biggest mural produced for the Canvas Festival.

Given a facade with a couple of¬†unfortunate architectural elements, the Croatian-artist worked his way around these using them to his advantage. With a line of windows splitting the surface in two parts, he thought painting a couple sharing this large space. He even used the line above the 2nd floor as part of his work, placing his young characters as if they were sitting on it. True to his realistic aesthetic, he painted an image of boy and a girl falling in love. With a spray can almost dropping out of girl’s backpack and butterflies coming out of boy’s levitating hat, Lonac brought back some effective surrealist elements in his latest work.

Photo credit: SilkFatBlues.
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