Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope recently released a new edition of self produced, hand-crafted necklaces titled The Confidant featuring his iconic bird symbol as a pendant. This was the first release of this kind that the Israeli artist has ever done, and the result is a lovely piece of jewelry wrapped in unique, carefully designed packaging.

Each necklace set is entirely hand-crafted in his studio and by collaborators – from the silversmithing to create the molds, hand-finishing the pendents, to the hand printed boxes and the drawings created to accompany the necklaces. The release includes two editions in extremely limited quantities – one sterling silver and one 14k gold-coated sterling silver, both of which are now available in his online store. Each necklace & pendant set comes in a hand-pulled silkscreened box accompanied by an original drawing. Please have a look at the video that follows the process of making each set.

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