Amala gallery in Tokyo will be opening this weekend a small showing by American artist Sean Norvet. High On Stress will be the first solo show outside the US for the LA-based artist for which he prepared three new paintings. Norvet has been spending the last several years creating works that primarily make him laugh, but also, comment on our modern, consumerist society. Using the classic portrait form as the base for his latest paintings, he composes his “characters” from different foods, drinks or vices. By patching up seemingly unrelated imagery and graphic elements, his complex subjects tell stories of their past, present and future.

For his Japan debut, he painted new pieces that introduce his native culture to the locals, strongly influenced by recent personal issues and the madness of the US election. From weed smoking culture to the California landscape or pop culture icons such as Speedy Gonzales & Beavis and Butthead, he has channeled these influences towards creating token characters that represent contemporary Americana. Inspired by the recent stressful experiences and the way he converted those into creative energy, he focused on collaging a variety of images that represent calm emotions in order to construct stressful and tensed creations.