Nuart Festival just announced the continuation of their series of curated Street Art buses (covered), as part of their on-going project to establish Stavanger as the world’s first ‘Art City’. The latest addition to the fleet of a local bus company Kolumbus has been designed by the M-City.

Aside from turning the standard public bus into a three-dimensional, mobile artwork, the Polish artist created an engaged and provocative piece by painting a raft full of people on the side of it. Similar to recent installation (covered) by Ai Weiwei at The National Gallery in Prague, the design speaks about the plight of migrants who embark on the dangerous journey to Europe by sea. By putting daily commuters in a conceptual situation of refugees, migrants and asylum seekers, M-City is hoping to raise awareness about this huge “crisis of humanity” (as recently defined by Weiwei), while turning the streets of Stavanger into conceptual waterways.

Photo credit: Brian Tallman.
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