On 20th of April, Aaron Johnson opened Gone Fishin’, his first solo with Joshua Liner Gallery. For this showcase, the Brooklyn-based artist prepared a whole new body of diverse work that includes his unorthodox approach to painting and creating art work in general.

The idea of the exhibition is to take a different approach to the traditional image of Americana and leisure lifestyle that goes with it. From fishing and hunting, all the way to America’s favorite snacks, Johnson pulled the stereotypical imagery through his own recognizable filter. Filled with vibrant colors, trippy elements and line work that evokes tension and anxiety, the American ideal got a makeover from hell with these works. Along with depicting the familiar images in an unfamiliar way, the show was the opportunity for the artist to exhibit his peculiar techniques – from reverse paintings, sock paintings and blotted works on paper, all the way to artist’s first series of sculptural work, again, made from socks. The show will stay on view through May 20th the gallery’s location in Chelsea, New York.