After being introduced at Nanzuka Gallery’s booth at the recent Art Basel in Hong Kong, Javier Calleja will be opening a solo show with AishoNanzuka Gallery on the 13th of May (also in Hong Kong). Hi will be the official Asian debut by the Spanish artist and will include a large body of work created especially for this occasion.

Over the years, Calleja has been playing with formats and mediums, creating work that is surprising and humorous. Though pretty simple at first, his newest drawings and paintings pay a lot of attention to details, especially the “accidental” effects created by paint, paper or his process. From tiny drawings on paper, to large acrylics on canvas, the show consists of all portraits featuring his signature, cartoon-like characters. Balancing somewhere between doodles, anime characters and even the lowbrow aesthetic, these quirky guys are his playful vision of modern men. Subtly juxtaposed against common objects, clothing and messages, they are meant to expose the bright side of everyday life. The exhibition will include about 20 new drawings, paintings, wall drawings and installations, and will stay on view until 10th of June.

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