As one of the few satellite fairs of Art Basel week in Switzerland, the Scope Art Fair once again brought some of the world’s freshest urban and contemporary art to Basel. On two floors of the former Clarahuus, 70 international exhibitors from 52 cities and 27 countries presented works by large roster of artists working in different mediums, different scales, while pushing the boundaries of the movement.

This year event included a selection of works by emerging and recognized artists from around the world. Some of our personal standouts were the watercolors by Ievgen Petrov, new works by Chilean artist Pablo Benzo, new minimalist concepts by Jan Kalab or Elian Chali, striking contemporary masterpieces by the talented Tibor Pogonyi, haunting portraiture oils by Florian Eymann, recognizable sculptural works by Dan Lam, etc.

hoto credit: @sashabogojev for Arrested Motion.