With only few days left before the un-official start of the 17th edition of Nuart, we wanted to introduce to you the remaining 6 artists that will be participating in this year’s edition. Through site-specific murals, installations, interventions, and temporary exhibition, these artists will be discussing this year’s theme – POWER.

Russian artist, activist and author of several projects and publications relating to urban art, Igor Ponosov, lives and works in Moscow as an activist, artist and independent curator of multi-disciplinary projects. After some early graffiti years and publishing several important books on street art in Russia and the ex-USSR, he is now focusing on the social environment of the city and its transformation through the arts. Israli artist Addam Yekutieli aka Know Hope is best known for his emotive work that mixes written word and illustrative elements or photographs and even sculptures. Through his distinctive work, he often makes connections between difficult social-political situations and emotional conditions. ±MaisMenos± is the working title of an interventional art project by Portuguese visual artist and graphic designer Miguel Januário that started back in 2005 and became an entity of its own. As a part of this project, Januário has been producing thought-provoking, cutting-edge work both indoors and outdoors in a variety of media – from video to sculptural installations to painting and performance. South African artist Ricky Lee Gordon is best known for his large scale murals created using strong painterly visual language. These poetic and massive paintings are often exploring the nature of non-duality with a strong focus on bringing to light relevant social issues. Another Moscow-based artist, Slava Ptrk, focuses his work on social & political statements, interactive projects and site-specific artworks. Aside from creating art, he is an active curator, gallery co-founder, writer, author and lecturer on graffiti and street art. German artist Vermibus (seen above) is known for his transformations of advertising posters from the streets. Using solvents to brush away the faces and flesh of the models in the posters as well as brand logos, he then reintroduces the adverts back into their original context, hijacking the publicity and its purpose.

The festival will take place from the 31st of August until the 3rd of September, with an indoor exhibition entitled Rise Up! at Tou Scene staying on view through 15th of October. Aside from creating and showing new works by the participating artists, the festival will include its well known satellite program Nuart Plus consisting of academic and industry debates, artist presentations, film screenings, workshops and guided tours.