On the 27th of April, the Art Central fair in Hong Kong opened its door to the public, showcasing the works selected by 100 leading international galleries, 75% of which hail from the Asia Pacific. With 30 of these galleries having their debut turn at this fair, the event was bound to present some fresh art by up-and-coming, as well as some well established names.

The fact that the majority of presenting galleries are based in Asia and are showing local artists could definitely be noticed throughout the fair. The works produced in this region just have a certain aesthetic that is well translated on all sorts of mediums, from paper to large installation or sculpture. While pieces from someone established like Yoshitomo Nara could frequently be seen through the booths, there were several other stand out works we found on display. Showing incredible attention to detail, whether telling a rich narrative (multi panel piece by Kim Eunjin @ Noeli gallery, Mu Pan @ Galerie LJ or Pyota Unno @ Art Projects Gallery), using distinctive palette or formats to present the peculiar ambiance (Meng Site @ Link Gallery or Liao Zen-Ping @ Ke-Yuan Gallery), creating a hyper realist images (Ho-Chung KuCheng-Che Lin and I-Feng Chen @ Julia gallery), or tackling local cultural traditions, the fair once again proved its position as one of the major events of the Art Basel Week in Hong Kong.

Photo credit: @SashaBogojev.