Following up on the introduction of his Postneocubism body of work in Paris last June (covered), Miguel Ángel Belinchón aka Belin recently opened his Asian debut show with Amanda Wei Gallery in Hong Kong. Fazes features a new series of canvases done in the Spanish artist’s signature style, along with new pieces introducing more drawing-based, abstract pieces.

As one of the more well-known hyper-realistic graffiti artists, Belin started composing postneocubism works after visiting Picasso’s museum in Malaga. Deconstructing his subjects into sections of meticulously rendered features, he creates vibrant compositions that are often adorned by simple patterns, solid color shapes and steady line work. The new direction of works introduced in HK include canvases based on a sketch-like cubism portrait done with a single line gesture. By layering different portraits on a single canvas, Belinchón constructs pieces that carry the energy of graffiti tags while evoking the celebrated art movement pioneered by Picasso and Braque.

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Photo credit: @SashaBogojev