Last week, we gave you a taste of the art going down at this year’s The Crystal Ship art festival (also see 2016 2017) with photos of sweet new mural from Sainer. Now we have a recap of some pieces from the other participants – A Squid Called Sebastian, Ben Slow, Chiara Daneels, Colectivo Licuado, Dourone, Gaia, Icy & Sot, Jaune, Joachim, Johannes Verschaeve, Matthew Dawn, Milu Correch, Oak Oak, Wasp Elder, and  Zoer x Velvet including a lovely set of walls from Telmo Miel.

Photos © Henrik Haven.
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Telmo Miel


Telmo Miel


Telmo Miel


Chiara Daneels




Oak Oak & Jaune


Oak Oak


A Squid Called Sebastian


Colectivo Licuado




Zoer and Velvet


Matthew Dawn


Icy and Sot


Icy and Sot


Milu Correch


Ben Slow




Wasp Elder




Johannes Verschaeve