The Montresso Foundation in Marrakesh, Morocco is currently wrapping up their latest group exhibition which was on view from April 16th to May 31st. Following up their XXL # 1 show in December 2017, XXL # 2 once again consisted of groundbreaking works by four emblematic artists representing the global urban culture.

Focusing on the human condition while questioning the space and its relation to artwork, the large scale works by RERO, Hendrik Beikirch, Kouka and David Mesguich, combined for a strong, balanced showcase that engaged every corner of the imposing foundation space. Juxtaposing different aesthetics, techniques, and mediums, the exhibition successfully presented the diversity and dynamic of the current urban art world. From conceptual works by RERO, who deals with monumentality through words and language, to a continuation of Hendrik Beikirch’s very personal series of Siberia portraits (which will be shown in full in Nov 2018), to the gravity-defying and captivating sculptures by David Mesguich, all the way to Kouka’s obsessive visual research on the classical portrait, the show provided an immersive experience set in an equally impressive surrounding. While each of the works by each of the artist is focused on a particular notion found either locally or globally, the showing overall provided a great insight into the different thought processes as well as technical approaches to creating exciting contemporary artwork.