One of the fun parts of the BEYOND THE STREETS exhibition (covered) is walking through the gift shop to see what unique offerings are available. Some items are now online on their website, including a sweet collaboration between Shepard Fairey (featured) and Modernica, who have a rich recent history of working with artists. The Side Shell Eiffel Chair, infused with OBEY imagery and limited to 500, is just one of the chairs available (also Futura, Basquiat, Keith Haring), so head over here to take a look and add one to your collection.

Shep explains – “When given the opportunity to create my own custom version of this iconic chair, I chose to use the collage and patterns that have become signature motifs in my work which showcase recognizable elements of my imagery but also appeal as a nod to classic home decor pattern design. I’m excited to be a part of the Beyond The Streets show and I think this collaboration exemplifies the philosophy that artwork with origins in the streets can manifest in unexpected places.”

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