Between 8th of July and 9th of September 2018 a series of six individual exhibitions will be on view in Macao, organized as a part of the annual art exhibition program between China and the Portuguese-speaking countries. Titled Alter Ego, these showcases are curated by Portuguese artist Vhils (interviewed) and French gallery director, Pauline Foessel, two creatives with strong connections both with Hong Kong and China, as well as Portugal.

Organised by The Cultural Affairs Bureau of the Macao S.A.R. Government, each of the of six exhibitions work as an independent concept while contributing to the common conceptual theme of alter ego. Through the diverse work of various artists, mostly hailing from Portugal, the series aims to be “a sort of analytical mirror. These works take the viewer on a visually striking journey that also acts as a catalyst for internal introspection and evaluation, resulting in an experience that is as aesthetically rich as it is internally moving.”

With titles like The Self, The Other, From Language to Travel, Culture Clash, Globalisation and Alter Ego, the individual showcases cover different aspects of how ego affects human activity, both individually and in relation to the closer and the wider community. Exploring self-awareness with its premises and consequences, effects of the surrounding on individuals, communication and miscommunication problems, or global cultural interchanges, the entire series leads to the conclusion that while seemingly different, we are fundamentally the same.

Spread across the entire city of Macao and including two public art installations, the project features works by artists from all over the globe, all having roots and connection within the Chinese or Portuguese culture. With obvious influences of their native culture, in relation to the location of the project, the program resulted in an eclectic mix of different mediums, formats, and concepts, all playing with the idea of intercultural exchange and its effects on individual members of society. The full list of contributing artists include Abdel Queta Tavares (Guinea Bissau), Ann Hoi (Macao), Fidel Évora (Cape Verde), Pedrita Studio (Portugal), Ricardo Gritto (Portugal), Tony Amaral (East Timor), Xisto Soares (East Timor), Yiu Chi Leung (Hong Kong), Zhang Dali (China), Herberto Smith (São Tomé and Príncipe), João Ó & Rita Machado (Portugal), Li Hongbo (China), Mauro Pinto (Mozambique), Vhils (Portugal), Wing Shya (Hong Kong), Marcelo Cidade (Brazil), Yonamine (Angola), Gonçalo Mabunda (Mozambique), Kiluanji Kia Henda (Angola), Miguel Januário (Portugal), Nástio (Angola), Guilherme Gafi (Brazil), Wasted Rita (Portugal), Francisco Vidal (Portugal & Angola), João Ó & Rita Machado (Portugal), and Add Fuel (Portugal).

Photo credit: Kitmin Lee.