Ahead of the 18th edition of Nuart Festival in Stavanger, Norway, our friends from the world-renowned street art platform just announced a new addition to their series of curated Street Art Buses. After Ernest Zacharevic (Lithuania), Add Fuel (Portugal), Martin Whatson (Norway), Hama Woods (Norway) in 2016 (covered), and M-City (Poland) in 2017 (covered), the latest artwork comes courtesy of Belgian stencil artist Jaune.

Famous for his miniature, hi-vis wearing workers or “mini dudes” as he likes to call them, the mischievous artist composed an entire meaningful scenario around his bus design. Usually playing with humor and critiquing of society, he transformed the 18m bus into a giant cardboard box with two contrasting scenes either side this time – order and chaos. He further explains – “It’s not the first time I’ve made human-scale characters but it is the first time that I’ve scaled up some of my stencils from 1:5 to life-size, which was necessary due to the size and speed at which this canvas will be moving!” Always up for a challenge and spontaneous interventions, Jaune’s quirky idea actually came up unplanned – “I started by recreating the shape of the bus to scale with cardboard boxes and made my sketch directly on top. I decided to keep the background to keep this link with the idea of moving goods and delivering objects.”

Stavanger’s Street Art Buses are the result of a three-year collaboration between Nuart Festival and regional bus company Kolumbus, and this part of the ongoing project serves as an announcement for this year’s festival which will take place between 6th until 9th of September.

Photo credit: Brian Tallman.