Once again the quiet Norwegian city of Stavanger turned into the world capital of Street Art during the 1st week of September as the 18th edition of Nuart Festival brings an army of artists, creatives, academics, and media to cover the events. Aside from inviting the impressive lineup of 26 international artists to create work through the city, a number of prominent researchers, writers, academics, and journalists to discuss the topics related to Street Art, this year’s event marks the release of the very 1st Nuart Journal publication.

This global project is a result of Nuart’s ongoing mission to establish a “critical street art practice” through a series of conversations, experiments, and scholarly research, which has been taking place over the years. The collection of texts that resulted provide an introduction to the thoughts and themes behind this year’s festival, but also, set the foundation for future explorations and discourse. Nuart Journal is now available for free at the festival events happening this weekend in Stavanger, and for free online download.

We’ll be focusing on the street activities and showing you some of the works created in our coming reports, but as Nuart 2018 is officially opening with Space Is The Place group exhibition at Skur 2 we wanted to bring you a part of the action from the streets, beaches, conference halls and bars in Stavanger and around including Jan Vormann making some repairs (seen above).

Photo credit: Brian Tallman, Kajetan Jagielka, Kristina BorhesRuna Andersen.