On April 6th, Corey Helford Gallery will be presenting new works from Josie Morway including ten substantial pieces (ranging from 16″ x 20″ to 36″ x 48″). Entitled The Remediators, the Boston-based artist’s new surreal wildlife paintings were inspired the idea of bioremediation – in which plants, animals or microorganisms break down contamination in soil or water.

Morway further states – “I have a deep love for wildlife and an acute terror about the increasing imbalances in our ecosystems and the cavalier destruction caused by human industry. I’m always seeking to address these concerns in my work, and I’ve started including more explicit references to threats in my compositions, but I find I’m constitutionally unable to portray my animals in a state of despair or diminishment. Instead, I feel compelled to give my subjects the gift of a sort of supernatural resiliency. I think of these paintings as somewhat talismanic, and the stranger elements are also my attempt to arrest the viewer, my plea for attention, reflection, respect. The creatures here have almost magical powers of transformation and protection, though what exactly they’re transforming into is unclear. Nature is changing, for sure, and we should never be complacent about what that change may mean.”

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