Flying Fortress, ZAY, and LAY-Z.

At week’s end, AM is again catching you up with the latest walls from around the world. Leading things off is this sick spider’s web collaboration between Flying Fortress, ZAY, and LAY-Z. Other murals you should check out come from Dabs & Myla (Australia), Bacon (Canada), DECYCLE (Germany), Eine, Sickboy, and Niels Shoe Meulman (California), City Bilder x Otecki (Germany), JR x Cyrcle. (France), M-City (Poland), Mea & Mart (Brazil), Ewok & Rubin (New York), Pøbel (Norway), Faith47 & DAL (Denmark), Deedee Cheriel (California), and Flying Fortress, ZAY, and LAY-Z.

See them all after the jump…

Dabs & Myla in Melbourne. Photo via The Seventh Letter.

Bacon in Toronto. Photo by Luna Park.

DECYCLE in Cologne. Via Street Art Utopia. Photo by artkissed.

Eine, Sickboy and Niels Shoe Meulman collaboration in San Francisco. Via Nuart. Photo by Whitewalls.

City Bilder & Otecki in Dresden. Photo by FRM_

JR x Cyrcle. in Paris. Photo by lepublicnme.

M-City in Poland. Via Graffart.

Mea & Mart in Sao Paulo.

Ewok & Rubin in Brooklyn. Photo by SMKjr.

Pøbel in Lofoten, Norway. Via Street Art Utopia.

Faith47 - "Insomnia of the Beasts" in Denmark.

Dal - "Desert Rose" in Denmark.

Deedee Cheriel for the Standard Downtown in Los Angeles.