Currently in New York, The Hole has a group exhibition on view entitled POST ANALOG STUDIO, the third installment of their ongoing series of shows examining digital media’s impact on art making. The works on view for this iteration of the project expands the roster to include artists who work with digital video and sculpture with specific interest in CAD rendering and 3D modeling, on top of focusing on those those who create digitally-influenced paintings.

Participants includes: Adam Parker Smith, Alan Resnick, Anne Vieux, Ara Peterson, Ben Jones, Brian Bress, Caitlin Cherry, Cathrin Hoffmann, Clinton King, Emma Stern, Jeff Elrod, Jonathan Chapline, Josh Reames, Kara Joslyn, Maja Djordjevic, Matt Hansel, Michael Dotson, Morgan Blair, Otto Ford, Pedro Pedro, Rafaël Rozendaal, Rannva Kunoy, Robert Lazzarini (seen above), Robin F. Williams, Sven Loven, and Takeshi Murata.