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Openings: John Brophy – “New Songs for the Standard Model” @ Roq La Rue

Last Friday, AM traveled to Seattle to attend a couple shows at the Roq La Rue Gallery. Not only did we have the privilege to enjoy Josh Keyes’ fantastic new paintings, but we also took time to take in John Brophy’s new body of work entitled New Songs for the Standard Model. Brophy’s intense imagery often features scientific formulas, symbology, Asian-influenced references and artifacts of the modern world. This particular group of paintings on display was inspired by the discovery of the Higgs Boson particle this summer by […]

Showing: Kid Acne ‘Damn Straight’ @ Inoperable Gallery

Showing at Vienna’s Inoperable Gallery currently, Damn Straight is Kid Acne’s latest body of work with a focus on his stabby women characters. We love these tough sisters of the sword, and the whole mystical world that surrounds them. Graphite drawings, one-off screen prints, mono-prints and paintings are presented along with some of the ouija boards (with a Yorkshire flava) we saw back at his 2009 London show When The Smoke Clears and a series of architectural renderings (hang-outs of the stabby women, we presume). Kid […]

Openings: Josh Keyes @ Roq La Rue

Last night in Seattle, after quickly selling out his charity print release, Josh Keyes (interviewed) drew back the curtains on an intriguing new collection of paintings that had been in the works for a while. Expanding on the imagery introduced at the end of last year with his Exodus 1 piece (which also made the show on loan from the collector), the Portland-based artist took a nostalgic look back at the influential visits to the Barnum & Bailey circus as a child, but through the lens of the less innocent […]

Openings: Jacub Gagnon – “More Human Than Human” @ Thinkspace

Last weekend, Canadian painter Jacub Gagnon (interviewed) put his new work, collectively entitled More Human Than Human, on display in the Thinkspace project room. The sold out show of seven pieces featured his surreal renderings of wildlife set against a stark black background combining his creatures with objects often dictated by a clever play on words. Check out some photos below or head over for a look yourself before the show closes on November 24th. Photo credit: Peter Svab for Arrested Motion. Discuss Jacub Gagnon here. Discuss this show […]

Openings: Sylvia Ji – “La Catrina” @ CHG Circa

Last night, the CHG Circa Gallery in Culver City held the opening for Sylvia Ji’s (interviewed) solo show featuring her paintings inspired by Día de los Muertos. Entitled appropriately Catrina, after the beautiful lady of the dead, the new body of work encompassed a selection of portraiture incorporating much of the imagery and iconography of the holiday. Along with full scale works, there were also smaller closeup pieces of faces as well as some limited edition offerings. Photo credit: Peter Svab. Discuss this show here. Discuss Sylvia Ji here.

Openings: GILF! @ Galerie Swanström

Last week, AM attended GILF!’s (featured) solo exhibition at SOHO’s Galerie Swanström. The witty Brooklyn-based artist showcased a new series of urban artworks that dealt directly at the challenges facing contemporary societies and politics. Not pulling punches, GILF confronted issues such as healthcare, birth control, politicians and environmental concerns. Her stencils and comments were a hit with all that were in attendance. Check out a detailed look below….

Openings: Remi/Rough – “In The Presence of Angels” @ Soze Gallery

Last night, the Soze Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles opened their newest show, In The Presence of Angels with all new works from Remi/Rough. For his first solo in the United States, the UK-based artist put on display new paintings and sculptures which detail the evolution of his post-graffiti abstractionism. Take a look at the photo set down below… Discuss Remi/Rough here. Photo credit: theonepointeight.

Openings: Ashley Wood – “Machine Sabbath” @ Jonathan LeVine

Jonathan LeVine Gallery hosted another great exhibition this past weekend with new work from Ashley Wood. The award winning illustrator presented a murky and moody series of paintings entitled Machine Sabbath which showcased Ashley’s unique artistic techniques of less is more. We’ve long admired Wood’s raw emotions and character depictions and displaying beside long time Australian comrade Jeremy Geddes (covered here), we noticed how well the two styles of works complimented each other highlighted by Wood’s dark & loose style providing contrast Geddes’ bright & tight techniques. Both these shows run […]

Openings: PUSH – “In Other Words” @ Known Gallery

Los Angeles-based artist PUSH, who we last saw in Orange County painting a mural during the US Open of Surfing, opened a show at the Known Gallery on Saturday night. In Other Words features a set of new works on canvas, wood panel, paper that mirror the MSK-affiliated writer’s outdoor work of vibrant grids and patterns with a geometric network of colors. The exhibition runs through November 3rd alongside George “EWOK” Thompson’s new series of paintings. Photo credit: James Ng for Arrested Motion.

Openings: Gary Baseman – “Nightmares of Halloween Past” @ KK Gallery

Over the weekend, the newly opened KK Gallery in Los Angeles’ Chinatown Arts District held the opening reception for Gary Baseman’s (featured) latest solo show. Entitled Nightmares of Halloween Past, the exhibition featured appropriately themed paintings,  the LA-based artist’s vintage Halloween photo collection, a performance by Nightmare and The Cat, a ghostly chandelier, and of course a costume for the man of the hour. Check the details in the photo set below… Photo credit: theonepointeight. Discuss Gary Baseman here.