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Openings: COPE2 – “The Rebirth” @ Project One

Last week, Bronx artist COPE2 treked across the nation for a solo exhibition at San Francisco’s Project One. Entitled The Rebirth, COPE brought the indoor game as he created works incorporating his renowned bubble throw ups and his wildstyle compositions. Great to see the Bay area get to experience the works from one of the key writers of the iconic early subway scene of NYC. Discuss COPE2 here.

Openings: “Nailed” @ Subliminal Projects

Nailed is a counter-culture / couture show in some respects, give or take a small stretch of the imagination. Put on by Subliminal Projects and based on a book of the same name, photographers from around the globe and all walks of life were commissioned to document nail artists, and their clientele. It is certainly an art form that has been overlooked, for better or for worst. During tonight’s closing reception, the exhibiton will turn the gallery into a make-shift (Imperial) nail salon with music, drinks […]

Openings: Tran Nguyen & Stella Im Hultberg – “Borrowed Memories” @ Thinkspace Gallery

Those who had the chance to attend Borrowed Memories (previewed) this past weekend at Thinkspace Gallery were treated to a wonderful exhibition of new works by Tran Nguyen and Stella Im Hultberg (installation above). We last saw a solo by Tran back in July last year and a Hultberg solo hasn’t been any easier to come by (March 2010 – London). Fans will want to make use of this opportunity and visit before the close of the exhibition on October 20th. Discuss this show here. Discuss […]

Openings: Eric Haze x Casio G-Shock – Design Retrospective

Last week, Casio G-Shock hosted a retrospective for legendary New York graffiti artist Eric Haze (featured). To celebrate their 4th collaboration in 15 years, Casio took a different approach to this showing – they worked with Eric to curate an exhibition that showcases their commercial design work over the past 3 decades. Seeing the range of Haze’s creative range from the bat haze logo, collaboration with Keith Haring, bearbricks, bikes and even motorcycles really gave us a deeper appreciation of the dynamic range he possesses. […]

Openings: Chris Johanson – “Windows” @ Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Chris Johanson has always been known for his bold use of raw materials and exuberant color pallet. Well ladies and gentleman, he has done it again with his latest show titled Windows now showing at Mitchell-Innes & Nash.  This latest show is a slight departure from Johanson’s usual work with less incorporation of figurative illustration and more emphasis on the meditative qualities of art making. Johanson approached this body of work as not only art and sculpture in the literal sense, but with the metaphysical in mind […]

Openings: Todd “REAS” James – “Yield to Temptation” @ The Standard (NY)

Todd James a.k.a. REAS has certainly lured in a good deal of folks into The Standard NYC this past month. REAS has been picking up steam over the years in both the street scene as well as the more structured world of commercial illustration, working with such recording artists as Iggy Pop, the Beastie Boys and Eminem, just to name a few. Most recently, REAS painted up The Standard Gift Shop storefront for his release and signing of his book titled Yield to Temptation, a title we […]

Openings: Parra – “Kind Regrets” @ HVW8

Over the weekend, Dutch artist Piet Janssen aka Parra brought his bizarre and voluptuous imagery to Los Angeles for all enjoy with a showing at the HVW8 Gallery. Entitled Kind Regrets, the exhibition included paintings, drawings, sculptural items as well as murals on the exterior of the West Hollywood showspace. To the delight of all who attended, Parra was happy to interact with, sketch, and talk to his well wishers, collectors, and fans. Check out the rest of the photo set below… Photo credit: James Ng for Arrested Motion. Discuss this show here. […]

Jen Stark – “To the Power Of” @ Martha Otero

Yesterday, Jen Stark’s To the Power Of exhibition kicked off at the Martha Otero Gallery, her first solo ever in Los Angeles. Featuring the locally-based artist signature papercut sculptures, the complex multi-colored creations charmed attendees to the showing all night long. Interesting variations included a piece built directly into the wall as well as miniature works. Photo credit: theonepointeight for Arrested Motion. Discuss Jen Stark here.

Openings: Gregory Euclide – “Observing only the ease of my own slipping toward your unknown” @ David B. Smith Gallery

A couple weeks back, the David B. Smith Gallery in Denver hosted the opening for Gregory Euclide’s latest solo show. Entitled Observing only the ease of my own slipping toward your unknown, the new work sees Euclide continue to walk the thin line between two and three dimensional art. Utilizing a visual vocabulary that includes the natural world and architectural elements, the show includes large scale paintings and sculptural assemblages, smaller mono prints, and Laid Down & Wiped Slowly Away – temporary painting composed by Euclide on a 48 x 96 inch […]

Openings: “Live Free” curated by Mike Maxwell @ Hellion Gallery

Opening on the same night as Space//Form in Portland, artist Mike Maxwell (pictured on the right above with Jocelyn Duke, Mark Dean Veca and Hellion owner Matt Wagner) curated a group exhibition at Hellion Gallery. Taking the exhibition’s title Live Free from the regular series of podcast interviews with fellow artists and creatives, and also his own ethos on life (see Mike’s tattooed knuckles in one of our pictures below), Maxwell brought together a selection of artists he has interviewed over time. With the podcast […]