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Teaser: Brandi Milne – “Before I Hide Away” @ Corey Helford Gallery

On August 11th, the Corey Helford Gallery will be hosting the opening for Brandi Milne’s latest show. Entitled Before I Hide Away, her third solo at the Culver City showspace will feature her most revealing and personal body of work to date (see more about this on her blog). A selection of fourteen paintings will be on display, each part of a series about moving forward and following one’s heart, despite life’s challenges. She states – “My aesthetic for this show is a little different than […]

Teaser: “Sur-Realism” @ Arcadia Gallery

In what looks to a be a impressive lineup, Arcadia Fine Arts in New York will be hosting a new group exhibition entitled Sur-Realism this weekend, with the opening on Saturday, June 16th. Although not 100% confirmed, artists scheduled to be submitting work include Martin Wittfooth, Billy Norrby, Brian Despain, Brad Kunkle, Eric White, Aron Wiesenfeld and more. Included for sure is this brilliant piece from Andrew Hem (interviewed), his largest ever, featuring a confrontation in a lush forest scene. See more detail as well […]

Teaser: Meggs – “Truth in Myth” @ White Walls

After a showing in Asia, Australia-based painter Meggs heads west to San Francisco for his next solo exhibition set for July 14th. Entitled Truth in Myth, the new body of work looks to be a continuation of his recent imagery richly saturated with his chosen palette and renderings of fantastical creatures. Here are some early looks as the Aussie street specialist is already in town creating his new pieces Photos via the artist. Discuss Meggs here.

Teaser: Laurie Lipton – “L.A. Sous-Real” @ Ace Gallery (Los Angeles)

Coming up next month, Laurie Lipton (interviewed) will be opening her latest solo L.A. Sous-Real at the Ace Gallery in Los Angeles. Featuring her amazing skills with graphite and charcoal, the gifted artist will be putting on display a series of work featuring her signature surreal and hyper-detailed imagery, often executed with witty and biting commentary (LA is ripe for the taking don’t you think?). Here is an example (above), Round & Round, to whet your appetite until the opening July 14th. Discuss Laurie Lipton here.

Teaser: Case – “MayFair Lady” with Shea&Ziegler (London)

In his first solo in London in over 2 years, Andreas von Chrzanowski aka Case will be presenting a new body of work entitled MayFair Lady. Arranged Shea&Ziegler at The Gallery in Mayfair (99 Mount Street), the exhibition will put photorealistic spray skills of the German street muralist and Maclaim crew member on full display starting on June 22nd. Via Vandalog. Discuss Case here.

Teaser: Andrew Schoultz – “Ex Uno Plura” @ Eric Firestone

On June 23rd in East Hampton, hardworking Andrew Schoultz will be opening his next solo show the same day his joint show with Richard Colman closes in Toronto. Hosted by Eric Firestone Gallery, Ex Uno Plura or (From Many, One), is a play on E Pluribus Unum (From Man, One), a riff on the commonly known Unites States motto. As such, the Bay Area-based painter will be continuing to explore two distinct body of works – the kinetic compositions (swirling tornadoes, searing eyes, warrior horses, […]

Teaser: Kevin Peterson – “Prospective” @ Shooting Gallery

This Saturday, the Shooting Gallery in San Francisco will be hosting a new body of work from Kevin Peterson. Entitled Prospective, the solo showing will feature the local painter’s juxtaposition of his characters (often innocent children) against urban backgrounds dealing with issues of isolation and uncertainty. Peterson’s statement about the show – “For this show, I continue to examine the varied journeys we take through life. It’s about growing up and living in a world that is broken. These paintings are about trauma, fear and […]

Teaser: Patrick Martinez – “Lovely Day” @ Known Gallery

On June 16th, Patrick Martinez will be opening his latest solo show at the Known Gallery entitled Lovely Day. For this new body of work, the LA-based artist who initially made his name with his neon works that play on hip-hop themes will be focusing on two ideas. One will be the the juxtaposition of the beauty seen in the City of Angels with the evil things that happen there with the other being an exploration of the male psyche. Along with his sculptural work and […]

Teaser: Mark Ryden – “The Gay 90s: West”

Here’s a little advance notice for Mark Ryden fans out there who need to make travel plans. On October 27th, the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles will be presenting The Gay 90s: West, the apparent left coast continuation of a body of work that started in New York back in 2010. (covered). The showing will include new paintings, works on paper, installation, and sculpture exploring the idealized 1890’s in America with all its associated trappings rendered with of course a surreal twist. In particular, […]

Teaser: Scott Musgrove – “Fame I’m Going To Live Forever” @ Dorothy Circus

On June 14h, the Dorothy Circus Gallery in Italy will be playing host to a new body of work from Seattle-based painter Scott Musgrove. Fame I’m Going To Live Forever will be sure to include many of his signature surreal lifeforms, introducing fans in Rome to many new species that they never knew existed. Judging from these first preview images, he’ll also have familiar creatures from the deep juxtaposed in unfamiliar environments, perhaps referencing environmental issues he has touched on in his work before. Discuss […]