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Teaser: “Wild At Heart” @ Thinkspace

Coming up at the end of the month, the Thinkspace Gallery will be hosting the opening for Wild at Heart, the sequel to 2010’s A Cry for Help show (covered), a massive group exhibition co-curated by Amanda Erlanson and Andrew Hosner with the endangered species of the world in mind. Included in the list of artists who will be creating work to benefit Born Free USA are Wayne White, Andrew Hem, Aron Wiesenfeld, Dabs Myla, Martin Wittfooth, Amy Sol, Aryz, Chet Zar, Esao Andrews, Frank Gonzales, Jasper […]

Update: Arrested Motion – “City of Fire” Exhibition (Part IV)

Three weeks after our first announcement regarding artists proudly included in our City of Fire exhibition in Beverly Hills, Arrested Motion is pleased to reveal the eagerly awaited final four. As sharp and knowledgeable readers may have identified by examining the image above, these artists include Thomas Doyle, SABER, Nick Walker, and Mark Dean Veca.  To summarize, the complete list (in alphabetical order) includes the aforementioned, as well as:  Cyrcle., Ron English, James Jean, Kid Zoom, Dave Kinsey, MARS-1, Patrick Martinez, Pedro Matos, REVOK, Rostarr, […]

Teaser: Tauba Auerbach – “Float” @ Paula Cooper

Tonight in New York, the Paula Cooper Gallery will be hosting Tauba Auerbach’s first one-person exhibition at the gallery entitled Float. The NY-based artist will be unveiling new Fold paintings alongside a new series of Weave paintings, presented for the first time in the United States. Also on display will be new photographs and sculptural objects, including Onyx, a deconstructed material volume printed and bound in book form. A nice touch was the special invite above that certain fans were lucky enough to receive. Discuss Tauba Auerbach here.

Teaser: Hush – “Sirens” @ Metro Gallery

As we mentioned in a post in March highlighting a mural from Hush (interviewed) in Melbourne, the UK-based artist has been prepping for a solo at the Metro Gallery. With the opening reception set for May 30th, Sirens will bring fans down under his special blend of East meets West imagery fused with elements of urban culture. Look for a wide array of work including 13 large pieces and 24 smaller more experimental works as well as some limited editions. Another preview image after the jump…

Teaser: Kevin Cyr – “In Praise of Rust” @ Jonathan LeVine

On May 19th, the Jonathan LeVine Gallery will be hosting a new body of work from Kevin Cyr (interviewed). As the title of the showing In Praise of Rust suggests, the NY-based painter has a love for deterioration and decay, specifically on old vehicles like vans and commercial delivery trucks. After photographing them on the streets, he heads back to the studio to render them in detail on wood panels, making sure to include all the graffiti, rust, scratches, scuffs, dents and other marks of […]

Ryan McGinley – “Animals” & “Grids” @ Team Gallery NY

Opening simultaneously on Wednesday (May 2nd) at both of Team Gallery’s two New York locations will be Ryan McGinley’s Animals & Grids. The space on Grand Street will host the NY-based photographer’s growing body of work, Animals, which features his studio portraits of nude models with live animals, leading to a sometimes unpredictable result in an otherwise controlled setting. For Team’s other space on Wooster, Grids consists of three huge grids of individual portraits of fans at concerts building upon McGinley’s repertoire of concert photography.

Teaser: Mia Araujo – “Into The Woods” @ Corey Helford

In her first major showing since a two-person exhibition at Roq La Rue at the end of 2011, Mia Araujo (interviewed) will be presenting a new body of work at Corey Helford in Los Angeles with the opening scheduled for May 12th. Into The Woods will be her first solo and feature the surreal paintings steeped in myth and mystery and executed in lush detail that her fans have come to expect. Discuss this show here. Discuss Mia here.

Video / Teaser: Shepard Fairey – “Harmony & Discord” @ Pace Prints

Shepard Fairey (featured) fans in New York will be getting another solo show from the LA-based street artist come May 5th. Held at Pace Prints, the new body of work entitled Harmony & Discord premieres his first pieces on handmade paper, metal relief plates, as well as the largest screenprints he has done to date. Taking advantage of the superior printmaking facilities and equipment at Pace, Shep has also been able to do things he couldn’t do in his own studio like create embossing, work in larger scale, […]

Teaser: Aaron Young – “No Fucking Way” @ The Company

On May 11th, The Company in Los Angeles will be opening No Fucking Way, a new show from Aaron Young. The NY-based artist has created new paintings depicting previous and current tabloid sensations Casey Anthony, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Knox, Jessica Simpson, Heidi Montag, and skating rivals Tonya Harding & Nancy Kerrigan posed with the American flag in some form. Young will also be participating in the MoCA organized Rebel show, on view from May 15 – June 23 on Highland Avenue in West Hollywood, so […]

Teaser: Ryuichi Ogino – “Kigen” @ Loft In Space

Tomorrow night (April 19th) in Oahu, Loft in Space welcomes back Ryuichi Ogino (OGI) for an exhibition entitled Kigen. AM first met up with OGI back in February for the annual art retreat known as POW WOW, and now the Tokyo-based artist is back for his first solo in Hawaii. You can expect works from him that continue his exploration of anime-inspired characters in whimsical settings while combining elements of modernist illustration, text, sculpture, and installation. A glimpse of one of the pieces in the […]