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Videos: KAWS Companion Balloon (Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade) on Nowness

Last month, we shared with you a video shot in-studio with KAWS before his Companion Balloon hit the streets of New York for the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. Then AM headed over in person to check out the pre-parade preparations before the 41-foot-high version of the NY-based artist’s shy signature character took to the air. Now for those who missed it, NOWNESS has a new video (directed by Jake Sumner) out with footage of the inflatable drifting along the Upper West Side towards downtown Manhattan. Discuss KAWS […]

Interviews / Videos: RISK for MOCAtv

While in town for Basel Week Miami, AM had the pleasure to spend some time with RISK who was painting new murals in the Overtown area, many of which were collaborative pieces. We also had the chance to set up an interview with the respected LA-based writer and talk a little about his work, his views on graffiti as an art form, his influences, his deconstructive color wash technique, as well as about the new video by Todd Mazer released today on MOCAtv. Check out […]

Streets: El Mac x Shamsia Hassan (Vietnam)

Last weekend, the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial was held in Australia and with it, a new mural from El Mac was unveiled. Originally painted in Vietnam, the piece entitled Birds of No Nation was a collaboration with Shamsia Hassan, probably the only serious female graffiti writer in Afghanistan and also an associate professor in the Fine Arts Department at Kabul University. The central figure is based on her portrait with the surrounding designs and poetry by Hassani. It reads: پرنده های بی وطن ،همه اسیرن […]

Videos: ROA on MOCAtv

This week’s new video from MOCAtv in their Art In The Streets section comes from ROA and filmmaker Colin Day. Like most of the previous videos in the series (also see JR, Barry McGee, RETNA, and Swoon), there is ample footage of the artists in the streets as well as at times in the studio. This particular piece also features a monologue from the Belgium-based street muralist as he discusses the philosophy behind his art, how he chooses his subjects, as well as his last solo show in San […]

Rewind: Nov 19 – Nov 25

This week’s edition of Rewind sees an interview with KAWS from Art Info with plenty of footage from his studio in New York. The video was recorded prior to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade where his Campanion balloon joined the festivities (covered) and his current show at Galerie Perrotin in Paris (covered). He covers both subjects as well as some other topics in the video seen below… Other notable videos of the week include: The movie Parker is running a contest until November 30th featuring the […]

Videos / MOCAtv: Swoon – “Konbit Shelter”

Thanksgiving sees another worthy release from MOCAtv featuring Caledonia “Swoon” Curry (interviewed) and her time in Haiti. In the video, the NY-based artist talks about how she enjoys working on things outside of her studio, which can be confining at times. By moving her work outdoors (like with her street work), it allows her to increase her interactions with people and led to projects like the Swimming Cities of Serenissima and now Konbit Shelter.The new project for Bigones-Leogane, Haiti includes a community center to hold workshops, house the works of local […]

Rewind: Nov 5 – 11

Leading off this week’s Rewind of art videos is a sweet film from Andrew Telling documenting Conor Harrington’s (interviewed) trip to Vardø, Norway for Komafest (covered). Entitled Old Norse, this is the third (see here & here) collaborative video project between the two and we can’t wait for more. Other notable videos to check out include: Teaser video for Cyrcle.’s second solo exhibition. Video recap of Futurism 2.0 “Symmetry across Centuries” group exhibition. NYC Dark – a film on the black out in NY after Sandy (via High […]

Videos: RETNA on MOCAtv

Continuing their strong lineup (also see JR & Barry McGee), MOCAtv has released a new video on the times and life of RETNA (featured). Along with footage from his studio, show openings, and work in the streets, you can also see footage of the MSK / AWR affiliated writer talk about his beginnings, the philosophy behind his work, and what he hopes to accomplish with his art. Discuss RETNA here.

David Choe Reddit Takeover

For those who have been following David Choe (featured) on various social media related accounts (like Instagram, Youtube, Facebook), you’ll have heard about his Reddit takeover already. For our readers out there who don’t know what Reddit is (like most of us at AM pre-Choe takeover), it’s a social news website where the users submit content in the form of either a link or a text which other users can then vote it up or down, thereby ranking the post and determining its position on the site’s pages and […]

Streets / Videos: Herakut – The Giant Storybook Project (Part I)

It’s time to update you on something that German duo Herakut have been working on recently – The Giant Storybook Project. Acting on their long-time desires to create a children’s book, Jasmin (interviewed) and Falk have taken to the streets around the world to paint the “pages” of their story. Murals of Lily, Jay, two giants, and their adventures have already hit the walls in Kentucky, Germany, Montreal, Toronto, Rochester, and San Francisco. We’ll be taking a closer look at this project (scheduled to go through 2013) as it […]