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Preview / Releases: Camille Rose Garcia – “Snow White The Complete Works on Paper” @ Michael Kohn

Coming up on the ides of March, Camille Rose Garcia (interviewed) will signing her new book, Snow White (Published by Harper Design, on sale starting February 28, 2012), at the Michael Kohn Gallery in Los Angeles. Handling this fairytale with the same loving care as she did with her Alice in the Wonderland publication, she once again brings new characters into her world, visually translating them with her special imagery and infusing some of the darker elements of the Grimm Brothers’ classic back into the fold. […]

David Choe x Howard Stern

In the insanity and aftermath of news breaking that David Choe (featured) stands to make $100-200 million dollars on the upcoming Facebook IPO, all the major network shows were attempting to book him for an interview. His first choice as a longtime fan was of course to be interviewed by Howard Stern (which makes sense if you know David’s lifestyle and humor).  You can see a video clip as well as audio clips of the entire interview after the jump where no topic was left […]

Videos: Murakami – “Ego” @ Qatar Museum

Along with some preview images we showed you last week, we can now bring you footage of Takashi Murakami and his crew setting up his first solo exhibition in the Middle East, Murakami – Ego, scheduled to open later this week. Included in the video is a short interview with Mr. Kaikai Kiki as he explains his vision behind the exhibition at the Qatar Museum as well as talk about some new elements like an LED pedestal and a large inflatable portrait of himself. Discuss this […]

Videos: El Mac Artist Statement – Vietnam

Last year, you may recall when we brought you photos of a mural from El Mac painted in Vietnam during a period of travel. We followed that up with an article featuring a creative process video for that mural, but the LA-based street muralist wasn’t interviewed as part of the footage at that point.  Now, comes an insightful video that fills in the gaps of his trip where Mac talks about his beginnings, the issues with local paint & cans, his signature “ripple” effect, graffiti specific […]

Videos: Andreas Gursky @ Louisiana Museum of Modern Art (Denmark)

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, which despite its name is located in Denmark, is currently hosting 40 giant photographs and a number of smaller works created by the world-famous photographer Andreas Gursky. We last saw a large collection of his works back in 2010 in Los Angeles, and certainly recommend seeing in person this retrospective from the genius of large-format photography if you happen to be in the area. If not, take a look at the video above for a taste of what you are […]

Teaser: David Shrigley – “Brain Activity” @ Hayward Gallery

We are AM are pretty excited about the prospects of attending David Shrigley’s first major survey exhibition in the UK, entitled Brain Activity, opening this Wednesday at the Hayward Gallery in London. The last time we saw a large selection of pieces from the versatile British artist was at the 2010 Frieze Art Fair, where he was incidentally also drawing on people’s bodies in one of his infamous impromptu tattoo sessions, so the opportunity to peruse an even more substantial collection of his work will […]

Video / Preview: “The Boneyard Project: Return Trip” @ Pima Air and Space Museum

As a final enticement before the opening of the The Boneyard Project: Return Trip this weekend, here is a behind-the-scenes video from the same group,  viejas del mercado (Medvin Sobio & 塚本清市), that brought you the initial teaser video. Featuring footage that fleshes out the photos you have seen already, Retna, Nunca, Saner, How & Nosm specifically out of a huge lineup, are followed as they prep for the opening at the Pima Art and Space Museum in Tucson, Arizona. You can see some other […]

Videos: Tim Biskup for Mastodon’s “Dry Bone Valley” Music Video

Continuing to show an appreciation for a genre of art that AM also appreciates, Mastodon recently released their Tim Biskup (featured) directed Dry Bone Valley music video from their album The Hunter (which featured cover design from A.J. Fosik). The video which premiered on Boing Boing, also featured animation and the signature pixelated creatures from the LA-based artist. Discuss Tim Biskup here.

Videos: Faile Interview from Ride5 Films

The two Patrick’s from Brooklyn-based  Faile (featured) were featured in a video interview with Ride5 Films recently. The duo talked candidly about the beginnings of their careers, the origin of their name, the importance of connecting with their audience, the impact of the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster and the associated imagery in their work, and much more. Discuss Faile here.

Overtime: Jan 16 – Jan 22

Beauty is Embarrassing – documentary about Wayne White – coming out soon. LA Artwalk sees drama as Occupy’s Sergio Ballesteros arrested there for alleged lynching. Black market for artwork run by drug dealers could be behind recent thefts in Auckland, NZ. Australia’s leading dealer charged with allegedly masterminding one of its largest ever art frauds. University of Notre Dame nuclear physicists using accelerated ion beams to detect art forgeries. Trial of black market mastermind in ancient art ends as statute of limitations expired. Has the […]