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Videos: The Simpsons – “Exit Through The Kwik-E-Mart”

If you missed the Exit Through The Kwik-E-Mart on The Simpsons that aired earlier this month, you can now watch the entire episode on Hulu. Episode 15 of the 23rd season features Shepard Fairey, Ron English, Kenny Scharf, and Robbie Conal as they give Bart some tongue-in-cheek career advice on being a street artist.

Rewind: (March 5 – March 11)

Another week, another list of noteworthy art videos for our readers to peruse. Our featured video is entitled Sweeping Beauty II and shows what an artist Niels Shoe Meulman from Singapore and do with just a broom and water. Vernissage TV visits the Armory & Volta Art Fair. A new Know Hope mural in NYC (via Nuart). See how Terry Richardson was cloned for his OH-WOW Gallery exhibition. Tim Biskup rethinks emoticons for a documentary series on Trailer for Cindy Sherman exhibition on view at […]

Previews: Delia Brown – Last Exit: Punta Junta @ Martha Otero Gallery

Opening tonight at Martha Otero Gallery is a new show by Delia Brown. Entitled Last Exit: Punta Junta, this exhibition is a continuation of her Guerilla Lounging Project where parties are hosted in the luxuriously pimped out playgrounds of the upper class. The difference is that the ones depicted living it up are those of the middle and lower classes. Delia works during these few hours of decadence and fantasy to capture these unique situations with her brush. The show runs until April 14th, so stop by if […]

Video / Streets: ABOVE (Cape Town)

After going big on multiple walls (here, here, and here) during Art Basel Miami Week ahead of a sold out showing, ABOVE (interviewed) has surfaced in Cape Town with some new work. The prolific Bay Area-based artist’s latest wall is for Origin Wines, a South African winery that leads one of the largest Fairtrade projects globally. Entitled What Goes Up, the footage of it going up is a nice primer on one of ABOVE’s techniques – projection. Some photos after the jump…

Videos: Usugrow Artist Profile

Our friends over at the Backwoods Gallery recently sent over this video that they put together as an artist profile for Japanese artist Usugrow. If you remember, we covered the calligrapher and painter’s show at the gallery along with fellow Shinganist artist, Toshikazu Nozaka back in July of last year. Making good use of the time in Melbourne, some footage of Usugrow’s amazing script in the studio as well as on the streets was interlaced with an interview where he touched on topics such as his […]

Video: Anthony Lister @ New Image Art (Teaser)

This upcoming Thursday, February 23rd, Anthony Lister (interviewed) will be showcasing a new body of work during his solo exhibition (previewed) at LA’s New Image Art. Focusing on the central theme of beauty and the twisted form of the ballerina, this collection of paintings will bring to the foreground Lister’s meticulous technique of blending his figurative style with an aura of abstraction. Although the Aussie  street artist has been out on the streets of Los Angeles painting murals (covered), he’s also been hard at work inside his […]

Video Release Party: Mark Whalen & Autolux @ Launch LA

During the weekend, Launch LA hosted a music video release party that featured an incredible collaboration by artist Mark Whalen and the music group Autolux. Directed by Thomas McMahan, the music video, which was shown on a large screen through out the night, features Whalen’s work come to life accentuated by a great song performed by the band. We actually got a small teaser of what this video would look like some months ago as Whalen was prepping for his show at the Merry Karnowksy Gallery (covered). […]

Videos: Conor Harrington – “Black Herds of The Rain” by Andrew Telling

Last summer, you may have caught our coverage of Conor Harrington’s (interviewed) visit back to his homeland of Ireland and the murals he created (here, here, & here). Since that time, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the video that was to be created by Andrew Telling documenting this trip. Finally completed and titled Black Herds of the Rain, this awesome short film gives us a rare glimpse into the talented artist’s creativity and approach in the the streets. We also find out that the journey and subsequent […]

David Choe x Barbara Walters

After going on the Howard Stern show where he perhaps became the first 35 year old man to be adopted, David Choe (now the Prince of All Media) headed over for his next interview with Barbara Walters. Besides talking about and hinting that he was now worth over the speculated $200 million from Facebook riches, Walters also made good on the promise to learn “graffiti” from Choe and received her own tag – BABS-1. Discuss David Choe here.

Rewind: Feb 6 – Feb 12

As with our weekly Overtime and Streets World Roundup articles, this new feature (video-oriented) is intended to summarize notable stories that we didn’t get an opportunity to highlight. Leading off our inaugural Rewind is this trailer of the new Andy X movie, billed as “a cinematic seance on the life and death of Andy Warhol online” with release scheduled for February 22nd. Other notable videos include – Ron English’s The Detroit Project, where he and his family leave New York, travel to Detroit, and visit […]