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Video: Mark Warren Jacques – “Ollie The Mind Gap”

We just noticed this older video about Mark Warren Jacques, whom we interviewed a while back and also recently saw at the White Walls Winter group show.  In it, we see him discussing his passion for art as well as getting footage of some skateboarding skills. Discuss Mark Warren Jacques here.

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Joshua Liner Gallery @ Scope

One of the booths we were really impressed with during Art Basel Week was Joshua Liner Gallery’s showcase at SCOPE. It was a diverse group reflecting some of his successes this year from represented artists such as Matsu (interviewed), Kris Kuksi, and Evan Hecox. In addition, the show offered a sneak preview of the tremendous talent in stored for the coming year with works by Dave Kinsey, Dave Kassan, Tony Kanali, Tiffany Bozik, and Travis Louie (interviewed. More images after the jump…

Video: Dzine @ Bass Museum of Art

Vernissage TV was on hand to document one of the shows we enjoyed during our visit to Miami for Art Basel Week. As we previously mentioned, Chicago- based artist Dzine brought his sculptures, paintings and installations for an exhibition at the Bass Museum of Art with a custom chandelier and “ghost bike” being some of the standout pieces. Take a look as he walks through and explains his work. Discuss Art Basel week here.

Video: Ron English Mural @ Medicine Agency Gallery

In this video, we see Ron English (featured) painting another version of Picasso’s “Guernica” (outdoor version at Primary Flight) at the Medicine Agency Gallery. The mural, seen in the timelapse above was created to coincide with the release of his Mandala Grin puzzle being put out by TOTT Global. Via Ron English Juxtapoz blog. Discuss Ron English here.

Behind the Scenes: Saber x Modern Multiples – Flag Print

Many of you may remember the video that Saber produced for the “Organizing For America’s Health Care Reform Video Challenge” (if not, take a look after the jump). Although he was demonized by some of the media for “defacing” the American flag, anyone with a little common sense would see his painting as an “interpretation of the American flag being overwhelmed by the language of his personal struggle with our country’s system of medical care.” Battling epilepsy himself, the graffiti artist felt he had to […]

Video: Banksy Camden Walkthrough

By now, most of you have seen the four new Banksy pieces that went up last weekend in north London. Art of the State recently posted up a quick video walkthrough that takes your past all the stencils which gives you a nice perspective into the locations that the Bristol Bomber chose for each piece. Discuss Banksy here.

Video: Kris Kuksi – “Plague Parade: Opus 2”

On a return trip to take in Kris Kuksi’s show “Beast Anthology” (covered) at Joshua Liner Gallery, we decided to take a quick video of one of the pieces to give you a better perspective of how incredibly detailed his work is. The piece we chose was “Plague Parade: Opus 2,” one of the larger pieces in the show at 42 x 62 x 16 inches. Take a look at all the mixed media assemblage goodness of this piece in the recorded footage above. Discuss […]

Video: Gaia x No Longer Empty

One of the artists that we met up with this year at Art Basel, Gaia, recently collaborated with No Longer Empty (NLE) to paint a Chinatown pulldown gate in NYC.  Take a look at the time-lapse footage of the mural which was a closeup of one of his signature “Deny Me Three Times” images. Via Vandalog. Discuss Gaia here.

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba @ Mizuma

As many art fans know, art isn’t just about the finished product; it’s often the process and inspiration that it draws from. Unlike their previous art fairs, Mizuma Gallery focused it efforts at Art Basel with a solo project from Jun Nguyen-Hatsushiba entitled “Breathing is Free: 12,756.3- Ho Chi Minh City 118.3 km.” This unique series of work focuses on Jun physically running 12,756 Kilometers – the diameter of the earth – utilizing a wrist GPS as he runs and via the magic of a […]

Basel Week Miami ’09 – Rubell Family Collection Video

Last week, we brought you photos from the Rubell Family’s exhibition – “Beg Borrow and Steal” in Miami during Art Basel Week. To round out the coverage, check out this video footage by Vernissage TV as they record the work from this show exploring the role of appropriation throughout modern and contemporary art. Discuss Art Basel here.