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Streets: Aiko (New York)

It looks like Aiko recently completed a new mural in the Bronx. The wall references much of her recent imagery as well as big “Bunny” tag. If you are in NY, head over the 163rd and Park Ave and take a look for yourself.  More photos after the jump…

Teaser: Aiko – “Here’s Fun For Everyone” @ Andrew James Art (Shanghai)

Aiko Nakagawa, who we have seen do some work in China before, returns again to the Middle Kingdom next month. The New York based artist will be bringing a new body of work entitled “Here’s Fun For Everyone” to the Shanghai, the site of some of the street pieces she put up last year. She’ll be showing at Andrew James Art with the opening set for Sept 9th. Show card after the jump…

Video: Aiko Installation @ The Standard (Hollywood)

The Lady Aiko, who was recently in Los Angeles for the opening of her joint show “Vivid Fiction” (covered), lived for a week at The Standard in Hollywood. While staying at the hotel, she created an installation there with her signature stencils and imagery. Luckily for us, someone was around to get some footage. This was not the first time she has graced the walls of one of The Standard’s hotels as she has worked on the location in New York as well in the past. Via […]

Openings: Aiko & Junko Mizuno @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

Opening alongside Samuel Lowder’s show (covered) several weeks ago was the work of Aiko and Junko Mizuno. The feminine-styled stencil work of Aiko, from our point of view, was the bridge between the two artists in this joint show forming a cohesiveness between the bodies of work. Mizuno provided her signature cute yet violent imagery dubbed “Gothic Kawaii” or “Kawaii Noir” in a series of paintings and drawings. More pics after the jump…

Preview: Junko Mizuno, Aiko, and Samuel Lowder – “Vivid Fiction” @ Merry Karnowsky Gallery

This Saturday, July 31, Merry Karnowsky Gallery will be hosting a new show, “Vivid Fiction,” a joint venture between artists Junko Mizuno, Aiko, and Samuel Lowder aka FrePrs. Although it seems to be a somewhat discordant grouping, each artist has something to offer to those that attend. Aiko Nakagawa, formerly part of the  Faile (featured), continues to develop her own imagery and style, showing a feminine touch that has been missing from the Brooklyn collective since she left. Junko Mizuno will be bringing her unique […]

New Aiko Project

Haven’t heard from the Lady Aiko since her solo at Josh Liner’s last April, a brief appearance in China, and her participation in Art Basel’s Wynwood Wall project, but she recently posted something she’s working on. The project is still a secret but definitely appropriate for today don’t you think? Discuss Aiko here.

Teasers: Art Basel Week Miami ’09 – Wynwood Walls x Deitch

Deitch Projects has assembled an astounding roster of artists – including Aiko, Shepard Fairey (featured), Barry McGee, Os Gemeos and Swoon (interviewed) – to participate in its Art Basel Miami ’09 Wynwood Walls project. According to the press release, a major property owners in Miami’s Wynwood art district has made available a group of walls and buildings on which the artists can create murals. The project also includes an indoor space where paintings by several of the artists and documentary photographs by Martha Cooper (interviewed) […]

Streets: Aiko in China

Aiko was recently in Hong Kong participating in the CULTivate group show at the Diesel Planet store. Looks like she also took the opportunity to visit other parts of China as well. Here you can see a fan next to some of the street pieces she did in Shanghai. More images after the jump…

Streets: Aiko

Looks like last weekend in Brooklyn, Aiko put up a mural at the Williamsburg Music Center on Bedford Ave & South 5th.  Some of the classic imagery that was on display at her last solo at Joshua Liner Gallery was replicated nicely at this busy location.  Check out more of the images she posted up on her blog after the jump…

Releases: Aiko – Original Spray Paint & Gallon Paint Cans

Last week when Aiko opened her dynamic show “Love Monster” (covered) at Joshua Liner Gallery, we noted a great installation created out of hand painted, stenciled and collaged spray paint and gallon paint cans. Since the doors opened, there have been numerous inquiries and requests, but these little gems were unfortunately not available for sale. Well, fans are now in luck because Aiko and the gallery have decided to make these hand created originals available. The price on these gems is a steal: the spray paint cans are $120 and […]