Last week when Aiko opened her dynamic show “Love Monster” (covered) at Joshua Liner Gallery, we noted a great installation created out of hand painted, stenciled and collaged spray paint and gallon paint cans. Since the doors opened, there have been numerous inquiries and requests, but these little gems were unfortunately not available for sale. Well, fans are now in luck because Aiko and the gallery have decided to make these hand created originals available. The price on these gems is a steal: the spray paint cans are $120 and the gallon paint cans are $200.

AM also noted that a select few of the gallon paint cans were designed to be stacked to form a totem of her “M Madam” and “Bunny” images. Aiko put a lot of time and effort into these beauties as illustrated in the video of her preparing for the show (at 1:50).

Check out the video and detailed pictures of the cans after the jump.

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