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Showing: Boris “DELTA” Tellegen for “Edge Of Space” @ Ron Mandos Gallery

Currently in Amsterdam, fans of Boris Tellegen (DELTA) can check out an installation that is showing at the Ron Mandos Gallery. The locally based graffiti and fine artist was invited to participate in the Edge Of Space exhibition that primarily showcases the work of Ron van der Ende. For his part, Tellegen contributed an inset sculptural installation that continues to explore the transformation of his two-dimensional street work into three-dimensional mixed media pieces. Check out some more of the photos he sent us below… Discuss Boris […]

Preview: Ray Caesar @ KochxBos Gallery

The last collection of works from Ray Caesar (interviewed) we saw up close and personal was at a special showing in Beverly Hills last December at Stephen Webster. Dutch fans will get the same opportunity this weekend (December 15th) as the Toronto-based artist will be presenting his digital masterpieces at the KochxBos Gallery in Amsterdam. The recently relocated gallery will be home to new pieces like The Manager, Tea with Me and He, We Three Kings, Gift of Love, Gift of Time, and Gift of Joy featuring interactions […]

Upcoming: Tessar Lo – “no evil, live on” @ Jaski Gallery

It’s been almost a year since Tessar Lo had a solo in Amsterdam (covered) where he’ll be returning this weekend for no evil, live on at the Jaski Gallery. The exhibition, entitled with a palindrome, will include smaller works on papers and mixed media pieces from the Toronto-based painter featuring his dream-like imagery. The opening of this show (September 29th, 4-7pm) takes place during OPEN!, the weekend in which the Amsterdam Spiegelkwartier opens the new season. Discuss Tessar Lo here.

Previews: LUDO – “Super Discount” @ The Garage (Amsterdam)

With his debut gallery exhibition in the spring followed up by another solo in the summer, LUDO (interviewed) will be ending things on a high note with his third show of the year. Opening Saturday, November 26th, Super Discount will see the Paris-based street artist will bring his signature brand of green tinged work to The Garage in Amsterdam. For the first time, the artist will also produce some work on canvas, something he has thus far shied away from. Long fascinated with Warhol’s production […]

Openings: Tessar Lo – “The Dying Wishes,” @ Jaski Gallery

Last weekend, the Jaski Gallery provided the walls for Tessar Lo as he presented a whole new collection of a paintings for fans in Amsterdam. Entitled The Dying Wishes, the new work built on an abstracted style that the Toronto-based artist has been developing for a while now. The continued refinement and practice certainly seems to have paid off as the resulting pieces on display were rich in palette, balanced in composition, and visually lush. Take a look at more opening photos after the jump courtesy of Erratic Phenomena […]

Preview: Tessar Lo – “The Dying Wishes,” @ Jaski Gallery (Amsterdam)

Coming up at the end of the week, October 22nd, the Jaski Gallery in Amsterdam will be hosting the opening for Tessar Lo’s latest solo exhibition. Building on the body of work Tessar presented in Canada last April, The Dying Wishes, is a collection of painting and small drawings that further explore what look to be the dream-like landscapes of youth and our imaginary animal companions. More preview images after the jump…

Teaser: Shepard Fairey – “Your Ad Here” @ V1 Gallery

Coming up soon on August 5th, Shepard Fairey (featured) will be opening his latest solo show in Copenhagen at the V1 Gallery. Using a broad array of techniques in his arsenal including mixed media works on canvas and paper, as well as screen prints, retired stencils, and Rubylith cuts, Your Ad Here examines the control of public space by politics and/or advertising campaigns. But, to turn things around, Shep is also celebrating the fact that through street art, anyone could make their agenda or “ad” seen […]

Preview: AIKO – “Unstoppable Waves” @ Andenken Gallery

Andenken Gallery, now located in Amsterdam, last exhibited AIKO’s work when she was a member of Faile and the space was located in Denver.  Six years later, the gallery is now across the world in Amsterdam and AIKO is one of the most successful female artists in the street art genre.  Opening on July 9, This will be AIKO’s first ever European solo show and will feature new signature stenciled paintings by the artist. See more preview images after jump…