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Countdown to Baby Tattooville 2009: Travis Louie & James Gurney & KRK Ryden

T-Minus 3 days til the launch of Baby Tattooville 2009 and we continue with our preview with three more artist that will be in attendance. These three artists have a knack for turning fantastic ideas into reality with their unique talents. The first artist James Gurney is a legend in the field of illustration. A superbly accomplished artist and one of only 35 illustrators chosen to represent his generation in “The Illustrator in America (1860-2000).” Most of you may recognize his work from the best-selling […]

Countdown to Baby Tattooville 2009: Greg Simkins & Miss Mindy & Buff Monster

T-minus 4 days to Baby Tattooville and as promised we bring sneak peeks from three more artists that will be in attending. The first up is the crazy talented and even more imaginative Greg “Craola” Simkins (Interviewed). With a his finely honed skills with the brush, he continues to create beautiful paintings for one sellout show after another. Above is his latest piece for BT called “Hives.”  Check out more from Buff Monster and Miss Mindy after the jump.

Countdown to Baby Tattooville 2009: Audrey Kawasaki

As we near this year’s Baby Tattooville (BT) opening this Friday, there’s an air of excitement at the AM office which we can’t quite put into words (pictures maybe…) This buzz is generated from the anticipation that has been building since we attended last year’s BT (Check out our 2008 coverage). Only 5 more days till we bring you our full coverage from BT 09 and to kick off the countdown, we have a special preview of Audrey Kawasaki’s painting for Baby Tattooville. Never failing […]

Preview/Setup: JR – “Women Are Heroes” (Nuit Blanche – Paris)

Here’s a little behind the scenes look into JR’s preparation for his latest project: “Women Are Heroes” which is already in progress as he “re-does” structures in Paris in his signature bold fashion. This new project which officially opens Oct 3rd will coincide with the art festival Nuit Blanche in Paris (“All Nighter” in French) – an annual cultural event where all the museums and art spaces are open during one night and artists redecorate the city. It’s amazing to see the scale that JR […]

Openings: Faile – “Law of Fives” Group Show @ Perry Rubenstein

Last night, AM visited Perry Rubenstein gallery for their 5 year anniversary show – “The Law of Fives.” This group show featured the works of FAILE (which we will focus on), but the exhibition also includes Zilla Leutenegger, Teresa Margolles, Robin Rhode and Richard Woods. Faile created an impressive installation utilizing their signature “Boxes” to go along with the 4 other featured artists. But, the exclusive stuff was behind the scenes where our friend Rob from The Most Beautifullest Thing got a little sneak peak at some future works from the […]

Teaser: KMNDZ @ Shooting Gallery

Here’s a little teaser of the KMNDZ’s coming show at Shooting Gallery on Oct 10th. This will be a very hectic several weeks for Johnny as he’s not only busy preparing for the show in San Francisco next month, but he’ll also be hanging in Riverside the weekend of Oct 2nd as he’ll be one of the artists attending Baby Tattooville this year. Another image after the jump…

Video: Studio Visit with Mia

We just received this video of a studio visit with Mia (interviewed) and wanted to share it you our readers. In the video, she talks about her inspirations from childhood, her current inspirations, and shows glimpses of her studio.  Her next show looks to be a pop-up show in NY in November along with Tessar Lo, Yoskay Yamamoto, Edwin Ushiro, Eric Fortune, and Joao Ruas. Courtesy of Tamika. Discuss Mia here.