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Teaser: “Tiger Tiger Burning Bright” Group Show @ Roq La Rue

Opening in May at the Roq La Rue Gallery will be a group show based around the theme of tigers, inspired by William Blake’s poem “The Tiger” (seen after the jump).  Also, with this being the year of the tiger, the show is quite timely and will be featuring work by Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Robert Hardgrave, Travis Louie (interviewed), Lisa Petrucci, Isabel Samaras, Robert Burden, Jason D’Aquino, Nouar, Jim Blanchard, Angelique Houtcamp, Bob Dob, Anthony Ausgang, Anne Marie Manker, Yumiko Kayukawa, and more. See the […]

Openings: Hi-Fructose Five Year Anniversary Show @ Copro Gallery

Last Saturday, AM attended Copro Gallery for the anniversary of one of our favorite magazines – Hi-Fructose. Known for bringing some of the best pop surrealist art coverage for the past 5 years, Hi-Fructose curated a diverse and top notch mix of some of the best talent in the industry. Many of LA’s booming art scene made it out to celebrate the anniversary show and catch the works of favorites such as Mark Ryden, Lori Earley, Audrey Kawasaki, Jeff Soto, Kevin Cyr, Thomas Doyle, Scott Musgrove, […]

Openings: “Who Killed The Music” Grammy Art Show @ LA Live Target Terrace / Grammy Museum

The “Who Killed The Music” benefit art show kicked off yesterday with a night of good art, music, and familiar faces all around. Co-curated by (seen above with Travis Louie), Kris Lewis, and  David B. Smith, the second in the series of Grammys-inspired shows featured art from 15 artists including Camille Rose Garcia, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Travis Louie (interviewed), Van Arno, Lola, Mercedes Helnwein, Kris Lewis (interviewed), Paul Chatem, Nathan Spoor, Justin BUA, Jason Thielke (interviewed), Gregory Euclide, Sarah McColgan, Jeremy Lipking, and Ron […]

Preview: “Who Killed The Music” Grammy Exhibition

Camille Rose Garcia The best show no one is talking about right now is the “Who Killed The Music” Grammy group show coming up next week. Set to coincide with the 52nd Annual Awards (whose official artwork was designed by Shepard Fairey this year), the show will feature artwork from Camille Rose Garcia, Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed), Travis Louie (interviewed), Van Arno, Lola, Richard Colman, Mercedes Helnwein, Kris Lewis (interviewed), Paul Chatem, Nathan Spoor, Justin BUA, Jason Thielke (interviewed), Gregory Euclide, Sarah McColgan, and Ron Lipking. […]

Releases: Audrey Kawasaki – “Yuuwaku” & “Hyakki Yakou” Time-Limited Prints

So, it turns out the poll that Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) ran to choose her next print was a tie between “Yuuwaku” & “Hyakki Yakou,” so she decided to make both available (you have to choose one) to her fans.  Both will be on sale on January 23rd, Saturday, between 3pm to 4pm Pacific Time for a hour window.  Since the release is “time-limited,” anyone who buys during that time period is guaranteed a print meaning the edition size will be announced after the sales are […]

Audrey Kawasaki Time Limited Print Poll

If you haven’t seen Audrey Kawasaki’s (interviewed) stunning new body of work yet, do yourself a favor and stop by Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York or check out our coverage here. On a related note, Audrey is polling her fans to see which print they want to see released next – “Yuuwaku,” “Migawari,” “Meisai,” “Hyakki Yakou,” or “Mezmeru Mae Ni” – all from her current show. The release will be one of her rare “time limited” prints, meaning during a designated time period, the […]

Openings: Audrey Kawasaki – “Hajimari – a prelude” @ Jonathan LeVine Gallery

When hype is built up, rarely does the show ever meet the expectations. Once in a blue moon does one actually surpass the expectations – which is exactly what this show did. Audrey Kawasaki opened up her much anticipated body of work “Hajimari – a prelude” (previewed) at Jonathan LeVine Gallery last weekend in New York City. The sold-out show drew a max capacity crowd that overflowed from the packed gallery space into the adjacent hallways. There were three lines going the whole night – one to get […]

Preview: Audrey Kawasaki – “Hajimari – a prelude” @ Jonathan Levine Gallery

Sometimes the more you see the more you want. After spending the weekend with Audrey Kawasaki at Baby Tattooville (here), we were eagerly awaiting the opening of “Hajimari – a prelude” at Jonathan Levine Gallery this Saturday. Well, Audrey just released some stunning in-process pictures of her latest batch of hypnotic beauties. It’s just a taste of what we expect will be a great show. Word of caution as this show not only looks fantastic, but also very addicting… Check out the preview images after […]

Baby Tattooville ’09 – Reverse Studio Visits – Audrey Kawasaki

While Greg “Craola” Simkins worked on his painting just a few feet away, AM favorite Audrey Kawasaki (interviewed) was busy working on yet another piece for her upcoming show “Hajimari – a prelude” for Jonathan LeVine (teased) later this year. Watching Audrey layer colors and skin tones delicately over an initial sketch on wood was a real treat as well as a great insight to her process. More pictures after the jump.

Baby Tattooville ’09: Sketches

As if the free giveaways, raffles and live paintings weren’t enough, Baby Tattooville actively encourages their artists to sketch away in the dozens of sketchbooks brought by the paying attendees. This year, AM got a chance to sit down with virtually every participating artist, as well as a few special guests. Check out the artists at work and some of the sketches we and other attendees received after the jump.