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Recap: Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop” @ Academy Awards

Don’t tell us that we’re the only people disappointed that Banksy didn’t win the Academy Award’s Best Documentary category. AM has been in full Oscar-watch mode since the movie’s nomination to the shortlist. After the Academy denied Banksy’s request to appear in disguise, producer Jaimie D’Cruz was appointed to attend the Oscar week festivities on behalf of the film and would have walked up to accept if the documentary won. Even in the face of stiff competition, we got our hopes up that Exit Through The […]

Streets: Banksy (Los Angeles) Part II

As we suspected, Banksy was not done with his initial “Crayon Shooter” stencil in West LA. Looks like another piece has been discovered showing he’s a fan of Charlie Brown on the side of an abandoned fire-damaged building.  We wonder how many he has planned as we lead up to the Oscars.  Take a look at another video from Foreman of the initial piece after the jump…

Streets: Banksy (Los Angeles)

As our readers must know by now, Banksy’s film “Exit Through The Gift Shop” has been nominated for an Oscar.  Although it doesn’t appear that he will be allowed to personally accept the award if he wins, it looks like he made the trip out to Los Angeles just the same.  Take a look at this new piece that has popped up reportedly attributed to the elusive street artist.  Perhaps the start of his Oscar campaign with more to come? Photos via Capturing Banksy. Discuss […]

Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop” Oscar Nominated

It’s been months of buzz and speculation since the Exit Through The Gift Shop documentary made the 15 movie long-list for this year’s Oscars. Well, the Academy just announced the final five films for the category of Best Documentary and AM favorite Banksy got the nod for the groundbreaking “Street Art Disaster Film.” Even with nominations already announce from BAFTA, BFCA, Spirit Award & Cinema Eye Honors (Full award list here), we didn’t want to jinx this high profile nomination by saying anything. Now we can […]

Streets: New Banksy Work in London & BAFTA Nomination

In near perfect synchronicity with the “Sperm” piece Banksy officially claimed as his own through his website last week, another work popped up in the London Borough of Camden which bears striking resemblances to that of the illustrious street artist. The “Living Room” themed chalk piece, with stencil detail accents reminiscent of murals thrown up in Boston and Detroit last year, is located at the same canal wall where the infamous Banksy vs. Robbo battle began, only for it to keep going and going at […]

Video: Interview with “Exit Through The Gift Shop” Producer & Editor

An interesting video popped up recently from Viddler where producer Jaimie D’ Cruz and editor Chris King of Banksy’s “Exit Through The Gift Shop” were interviewed. The two of them talk extensively about how the film came about and the background behind all the footage. Hearing this interview may put to rest some to the speculation that the movie was one big hoax, although some people will never be convinced.  Of course, this could all be part of the game but they would have to […]

Streets: Banksy in Basque

With “Exit Through the Gift Shop” premiering in Basque Country at the International Film Festival of San Sebastian, it’s not surprising that Banksy fans were keeping their eyes out for stencils from the elusive street artist. Well, looks like one popped up with a man staring a randomly framed section of a painted wall, probably Mr. B’s poke at abstract art. If the man in this image looks familiar, you may remember him from Toronto. So, all signs point to this as being a Banksy […]

Banksy Goes Retail

For those who think Banksy went overboard with his tour of street pieces to promote his movie and the inevitable slew of haters out there, this latest news will definitely stir things up a little more. On the occasion of the DVD release of his “Exit Through the Gift Shop” documentary, Mr. B (to the surprise of the stores) had a total of three original pieces installed in a HMV outlet in London and Bristol. And for those getting any funny ideas (yes, you!), security […]

Streets: Banksy in NY (Part II)

As we suspected after seeing the first couple pieces from Banksy in NY, he wasn’t done with the Big Apple yet. Looks like several other pieces have popped up in various locales such as Soho and Chinatown, although you’ll have to be quick if you want to see these in person as haters have been defacing them almost immediately. More images after the jump…

Streets: Banksy in NY

After a whirlwind tour (summarized here) of North America to promote his film, Banksy has finally reached the one city that has been conspicuously missing from his itinerary – New York, the so-called birthplace of modern graffiti. Strange that the visit does not coincide with the actual movie premiere in NY several weeks ago, but with two stencils that have been discovered so far, there are bound to be more so stay tuned. The one above is a clever variant of the piece Mr. B […]