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Preview: Basel Week Miami ’10 – Corey Helford Gallery

In what will prove to be another worthwhile inclusion at SCOPE Miami, Corey Helford Gallery will be traveling down to South Beach for their debut showing at the prestigious contemporary art fair. The gallery has huge plans in store for their premiere exhibition, with an 800 square foot booth reserved for an impressive ensemble cast of artists including Ron English, Korin Faught, Buff Monster, Natalia Fabia, Luke Chueh, Chloe Early, Sarah Folkman, Joshua Petker, David Stoupakis, Nouar, Kukula, COOP, Pandora, Lavender, Brandi Milne, Sylvia Ji, […]

Openings: Chloe Early & Amy Sol – “Birdsongs & Machine Sounds” & “Dear Milky Way” @ Corey Helford

Last Saturday night, Chloe Early (interviewed) and Amy Sol (interviewed) opened their shows at the Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City. Chloe impressed with some of her largest paintings to date filled with here special mix of abstraction and realism entitled “Birdsongs & Machine Sounds”. Amy brought with her a smaller body of work, “Dear Milky Way”, that included both delicate paintings and drawings featuring her sweet characters and their harmonious relationship with nature. More of the opening pics we took after the jump…

Preview: Chloe Early & Amy Sol – “Birdsongs & Machine Sounds” & “Dear Milky Way” @ Corey Helford

This Saturday night in Culver City at the Corey Helford Gallery, two great artists get together to show Los Angeles what they have been hard at work on in the preceding months. UK artist Chloe Early (interviewed) brings with her “Birdsongs & Machine Sounds”, a new collection of paintings featuring her floating forms of beauty, now mixed in with instruments of war while Amy Sol (interviewed) will be bringing “Dear Milky Way”, her letter to the cosmos in the form of paintings still filled with […]

Openings: StolenSpace Summer Group Show

AM got to the opening of StolenSpace’s annual Summer Group Show last week to find a line of people queuing out of the door! A packed house came out to see what we found to be a very strong grouping of work from an interesting mix of artists, some old StolenSpace favorites, but a lot fresh names – some new to the gallery, and some new to the London scene. Chloe Early is one of our favorite painters from the StolenSpace roster, and her new […]

Preview: “Summer Group Show” @ StolenSpace Gallery

StolenSpace Gallery in London is hosting their annual summer group show tonight. As usual, the roster features some stalwarts from their stable of artists as well as mixing in some new talent. One of the pieces we look forward to checking out ourselves is “Rocketeers” from Chloe Early (interviewed). If this incredible painting is any indication, we are in for a treat when her next solo opens in October at the Corey Helford Gallery. More selected preview images from the group show which also includes […]

Teaser: Chloe Early @ Corey Helford Gallery

The last we saw Chloe Early (interviewed), she had just opened her solo show, “Clouded Apollo”, last November in the UK. Now, it looks like she has started working on her next show slated to open in October at the Corey Helford Gallery in Los Angeles. We’ll have more as the show gets nearer, but for now, take a look at this in progress piece… Discuss Chloe Early here.

Openings: “Winter Warmers” @ StolenSpace

Wintertime groups shows are common this time of year, so it’s not surprising we have another one to share with you. “Winter Warmers” opened last week at in London at the StolenSpace Gallery, and as you can see from the image above, D*Face (interviewed) was in a festive mood. The show also marked the release of VNA Issue 10 with a special screenprinted cover by D. Take a look at more images from some established artists as well as some promising young talent after the […]

Openings: Chloe Early – “Clouded Apollo” @ StolenSpace Gallery

Chloe Early’s (interviewed) solo show “Clouded Apollo” opened at StolenSpace Gallery last week in London. Just as we suspected after our studio visit earlier in the month, her new body of work was well-received with lots of fans attending to show their support. Chloe mixed buildings, sun-bathers, tanks, and what looked to be a common theme – roses and butterflies together in an pleasing eclectic composition. More images after the jump…

Openings: Conor Harrington – “Headless Heroes” @ Lazarides

Conor Harrington‘s (interviewed) solo show entitled “Headless Heroes” opened last night at Lazarides Gallery in London, and AM went along to take a look at the new pieces Conor had been working on since his last showing at Kinsey/DesForges in Los Angeles along with his partner, artist Chloe Early (covered). The new body of work saw some familiar and always welcome themes in Conor’s “weekend warriors,” as he has termed them – representations of men in military regalia who dress up for the weekend to relive past colonial triumphs, interwoven […]

Studio Visits: Chloe Early

We’re big fans of the ever-so-talented Chloe Early (interviewed) here at AM, and recently were honoured to visit her studio in London. Chloe is currently preparing for her most ambitious solo show to date at London’s StolenSpace gallery, entitled “Clouded Apollo,” which is the name of a species of butterfly. Chloe tells us that the title for the show was inspired by the themes of flight, hovering, suspension, mythology, light and lunar missions – all of which she has been exploring within this body of work. […]