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Previews: Marco Mazzoni – “White Days” @ Gallery B15 (Copenhagen)

Gallery B15 in Copenhagen, Denmark, will open a solo show by Italian artist, Marco Mazzoni, on the 27th of February. This will be his second show with the gallery which was the first one to host his first solo exhibit outside Italy back in 2011. Titled White Days, the exhibition will consist in 14 pieces from his ongoing series of works on moleskin book, and one human subject work which is the biggest one that he has ever created. Most of the works though are […]

Upcoming: Richard Colman – “Noise” @ V1 Gallery

On February 21st, the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen will be hosting the opening of Richard Colman’s new solo show. Entitled Noise, this exhibition will mark the return of the San Francisco-based artist to the space after a joint showing (covered) there with Andrew Schoultz in 2012. From this photo of the new paintings before they shipped out, we can expect more of his colorful yet dark renderings of his characters cavorting and stacking themselves in in contortions of bodies like a sick game of twister. Photo […]

Showing: MODE 2 – “New Drawings and Other Works” @ Le-Fix Gallery

After bringing you a look at MODE 2 (interviewed) prepping works for his show at the Le-Fix Gallery in Copenhagen, we can now bring you the fruits of his labor. Ranging from drawings to full scale paintings, the European legend shared his signature rendering of the female form as well as pieces with references to his graffiti background and experiences. Take a look at more views of the exhibition below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss MODE 2 here.

Preview: MODE 2 – “New Drawings and Other Works” @ Le-Fix Gallery

A couple of days ago, the Le-Fix Gallery in Copenhagen opened a showing featuring New Drawings and Other Works from MODE 2 (interviewed). One of the legends of the European graffiti scene, the provocative painter put his erotic and sensual imagery on display for his Danish fans. Enjoy some photos here of MODE 2 at work getting ready for the show and come back soon for the opening pics. Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss MODE 2 here.

Showing / Releases: HuskMitNavn – “Offline” @ Schaefer Grafisk

Danish artist, graffiti writer and illustrator, HuskMitNavn (RememberMyName in Danish), recently released a book of drawings – Offline. The title of the book is the artist’s response to the trend of our life moving into the online realm, with help of virtual communication and social networks. A book release was held on the 15th November at Schaefer Grafisk in Copenhagen where 92 original drawings featured in a book were exhibited and available. HuskMitNavn spent most of 2013 working on these drawings using heliography aka a direct copy technique with […]

Streets: ESPO (Copenhagen) – Part 2

After bringing you an in-progress look at the massive mural Stephen Powers was working on in front of the U.S. Embassy in Copenhagen last week, we now have photos of the completed wraparound piece to share. Arranged by V1 Gallery, the 55 meter long project from ESPO was associated with an artist talk and the European premiere of his documentary film A Love Letter For You Take a look at more detailed photos below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss ESPO here.

Streets: ESPO (Copenhagen) – Part 1

It looks like ESPO (featured) is back in Copenhagen (see 2011) for an artist talk and the European premiere of his documentary film A Love Letter For You. Along with this event presented by V1 Gallery and held at (Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Nyhavn 2. Copenhagen K – Denmark) on November 5th from 6:30 – 8:30 pm, Steve Powers is also in town to paint a new large-scale mural in front of the U.S. Embassy. Take a look at some more in-progress photos below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss ESPO here.

Showing: Joram Roukes – “Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness” @ B15 Gallery

Just this Friday night, Dutch painter Joram Roukes opened his solo show at the B15 Gallery in Copenhagen entitled Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness. Based thematically on the influential Smashing Pumpkins album of the same name, the series of stunning new paintings features surreal creatures formed with a piecemeal compilation of other scenes and components. This technique enables the former street artist to create pieces that have a dynamic feel to them and when accented with vibrant colors, it results in some of the most refined work we have seen from […]

Upcoming: Joram Roukes – “Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness” @ B15 Gallery

Tomorrow night (September 27th) in Denmark, at the B15 Gallery in Copenhagen, Joram Roukes will be presenting a new solo show. Entitled Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness, the exhibition at the Islands Brygge showspace will feature the Dutch artist’s visual adaptations of the influential Smashing Pumpkins album of the same name. The exhibition runs through November 8th, so stop by if you are in the area.

Streets: Nychos & DXTR (Copenhagen)

If you remember, last year we brought you a look at some of the public works painted for the Galore Festival in Copenhagen. Times flies as the 2013 version is already upon us. First up is a collaborative effort from Nychos & DXTR where they melded their styles together for this mural. Check out more action shots and a closer look at the details in the photoset below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Nychos here.