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Showing: Troy “Other” Lovegates – “Shallow Lake” @ MOHS exhibit

At the end of last month, Troy Lovegates (Other) opened a solo show at MOHS exhibit entitled Shallow Lake. The new exhibition in Copenhagen features paintings and sculptural work created in the course of his travels including trips to Toronto, Detroit, Chicago, as well as a transatlantic cruise. Not only does the imagery feature portraits of people he saw on the streets, the old wood and frames used in his creations are scavenged from his “long winter walks or longer summer bike rides,” a real compilation […]

Streets: Hyuro (Copenhagen)

While in town for her show in Copenhagen (covered), Hyuro also spent time working on a massive new mural over 270 meters long. Spending about two weeks painting her progressive imagery featuring an elk making a transformation as it trots through a forest, the long piece is a gift to her fans in the Danish capital. Take a more detailed and extensive look in the photo set below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Hyuro here.

Setup / Showing: Hyuro – “In/Between” @ ArtRebels

Last night, ArtRebels in Copenhagen hosted an opening In/Between, solo exhibition from Hyuro, her first in the Danish capital. The showing from the Argentinean artist known for her street murals, often highlighting the female condition, included nineteen watercolor and ink pieces. We now have photos to share with you from the setup as well as shots of the individual paintings. The show runs through June 15th and we will also be bringing you a look soon at a 271 meter long wall she painted while she […]

Openings: Dennis McNett – “Wolfbats Are Real” @ MOHS Exhibit

Last week, MOHS Exhibit in Copenhagen presented all new work from Dennis McNett (featured) collectively entitled Wolfbats Are Real. Including wood block pieces in the standard format, the Brooklyn-based also created installations in the style of his previous shows – all paying tribute to mythical creatures that make up part of his imagery. After sharing some of the setup, we now have some fully realized opening photos for you as well below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Dennis McNett here.

Openings: Clare Rojas @ Galleri Nicolai Wallner

Last week, the Galleri Nicolai Wallner hosted the opening for a new exhibition from Bay Area-based artist Clare Rojas. As fans of her illustrative paintings full of folk art imagery have seen in recent showings (here & here), her work has become more and more abstract with this set of new paintings being no different. The progression continues with a more fragmented compositions and varied palette as you can see in the photos below… Photo credit: Henrik Haven. Discuss Clare Rojas here.

Showings: HuskMitNavn – “One Of These Days” @ V1 Gallery

After being introduced the intriguing outdoor works of HuskMitNavn during Komafest (covered) last year, we were curious to see how his work translated to the gallery setting. A showing at the V1 Gallery entitled One Of These Days gave us this opportunity to see some new drawings and paintings from the Danish artist in his characteristic colorful, humorous, and cartoonish style. Head over for a look yourself if you are in the area through February 16th. Photo credit: Henrik Haven.

Studio Visit / Preview: Eric White – “Magic Kingdom” @ Gallery Poulsen

We’ve been following Brooklyn based painter Eric White’s (interviewed) progress as he was steadily working his brush magic over recent months in anticipation of his double solo show in Copenhagen, currently sharing the stage with Daniel Davidson entitled Magic Kingdom at Gallery Poulsen in Denmark. Eric has long been a man of transcendence, and this latest batch of work is certainly a representation of this. If you have the opportunity to attend the show in Copenhagen then we sternly suggest you make a night of […]

Openings: “Tonight We Won’t Be Bored” – 10 Years Of V1 Gallery

With all the great art that is scattered all over the world, it’s not often that you can see works from prominent artists in your home town – and even less likely you see them side by side. That is exactly the scenario we have in Copenhagen at the V1 Gallery as they celebrate their 10 year anniversary with a massive group show entitled Tonight We Won’t Be Bored. Take for example the wall above that has pieces from Todd James, Futura, DearRainDrop, and Kenny Scharf that […]

Showing: “The Art Of The Joke” @ V1 Gallery

Earlier this month, the V1 Gallery in Copenhagen opened a new group exhibition entitled The Art Of The Joke. Curated by Kathy Grayson of The Hole, the show is a condensed version of a larger curatorial project by Kathy that will take shape next year at her showspace in New York. Spurred on by conversations with artists who did standup comedy as well as many artists who integrate humour into their works, the art show next year will turn her gallery into a comedy club. For now, […]

Openings: Todd “REAS” James – “Free To be You & Me” @ V1 Gallery (Part II)

Earlier this week, we shared some photos of the paintings from the current Todd James (aka REAS) exhibition, Free To be You & Me, at V1 Gallery in Copenhagen. Along with these works, the NY-based artist also created an installation of what he imagines to be the Vandal’s Bedroom , chock full of drawings and other ephemera that very well could represent James’ bedroom at one point in time. Street art fans who were lucky enough to have visited the historic Art In The Streets exhibition at the MOCA in Los Angeles may recognized […]